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Title Card - 21 Bridges

21 Bridges (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

After being pushed back twice, is 21 Bridges worth the wait or something that should have been dumped in the dead of the 2020 winter? Read on to find out.
Title Card - Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Charlie’s Angels (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

The new Charlie’s Angels may have a few minor tweaks needed, but those can be done in the anticipated future installments.

Doctor Sleep (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

While this feels like a very unnecessary sequel, between Ewan McGregor and Kyliegh Curran, they find a means to justify this 2 and a half hour movie.
Title Card - Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Dolemite Is My Name (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

Dolemite Is My Name is probably one of the few 2-hour movies, not made with a Marvel stamp which breeze right on by thanks to the charisma of its actors.
Title Card - Daybreak Season 1, Episode 1 Josh vs. the Apocalypse Part 1

Daybreak: Season 1, Episode 1 “Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 1” [Series Premiere] –...

Combine Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a lead who reminds you of Ferris Bueller and your generic YA dystopian novel, and you get Daybreak.