Ninja Kamui: Season 1 – Review

“Ninja Kamui” is heavily reliant on flashy action sequences and inconsistently develops its characters or delivers a compelling story.

Breathe (2024) Movie Review

In this post-apocalyptic tale, Milla Jovovich continues to show she is one of the top action stars out there, but the writing and story don’t deserve her.

Boy Kills World (2024) Movie Review

Bloody and gory, as promised, “Boy Kills World” is an action movie that, in the latter half, tries to switch things up to possibly good results.

Arcadian (2024) Movie Review

In a world where monsters attack at night, we see yet another world, post-apocalypse, where a handful of people struggle to survive.

Fallout: Season 1 – Review

Season 1 of “Fallout” continues the trend of good video game adaptations we’ve seen recently, with this trying to balance the seriousness of a nuclear apocalypse with the comedy Obsidian Entertainment gave “Fallout: New Vegas.”

Civil War (2024) Movie Review

In a movie that largely sidesteps what the war is about, “Civil War” puts us in the point of view of journalists who make it clear there are no heroes in war, just dead bodies.

Dutch – Movie Review and Summary

In what feels like a wasted opportunity for a show vs. a movie, a man goes on a trial where he knows the cards are stacked against him.

Lift (2024) – Movie Review

In what is another push to transform Kevin Hart from his “Big Little Man” persona into a legitimate action star, he leads a heist crew forced to work for Interpol.

Role Play (2024) – Movie Review

In this watch and forget you saw it type movie, we learn about a woman who is trying to end her contract killer so that, for the first time in her life, she can have normalcy.

Bad Lands (2023) – Movie Review

While it has a bit of a slow start, once “Bad Lands” gets into the personal drama of its lead with others, it picks up quickly.

Wingwomen – Review

Netflix and Melanie Laurent’s “Wingwomen” is a fun but forgettable action-comedy that is light in drama and plot.

Ballerina (2023) – Review

In this simple revenge tale, a young lady’s best friend decides she no longer wants to be alive, which sets off a chain of events to kill off the man who blackmailed her.

The Creator (2023) – Review and Summary

As emotionally stirring as it is beautiful, “The Creator” presents the worst case scenario for humanity’s relationship with robots in such a way that the film has the potential to be seen as a modern classic at best or underrated at worse.