In the midst of glittering coastal settings and high-tech antics, “Zoey 102” takes viewers on a nostalgic trip back to explore unresolved sentiments and unveil the unforeseen transformations of beloved characters.

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General Information

Director(s) Nancy Hower
Screenplay By Monica Sherer, Madeline Whitby, Dan Schneider (based on the character created by)
Based On Zoey 101
Date Released (In Theaters) July 27, 2023
Genre(s) Young Adult, Drama
Film Length 1 Hour 34 Minutes
Content Rating Rated PG
Noted Characters and Cast
Zoey Brooks Jamie Lynn Spears
Chase Sean Flynn
Logan Matthew Underwood
Quinn Erin Sanders
Michael Michael Barrett
Archer Owen Thiele
Jordan B Zach Zagoria
Jordan J Bianca Zureti
Kelly Kevyn Thomas Lennon


In an unexpected (substitute unwanted) yet gripping finale, “Zoey 102” reunites us with protagonist Jamie Lynn and a cast of familiar childhood actors from the Nickelodeon days. This sequel evokes a nostalgia-inducing blend of perplexing scenarios and whimsical tech innovations that we once fantasized about in our youth. 

The narrative pivots around the tumultuous conclusion to Zoey Brooks and Chase’s journey at Pacific Coast Academy (PCA). Upon hearing of Quinn’s impending wedding, our protagonist Zoey realizes her workaholic tendencies exaggerated by an abusive boss and reclusive behavior have estranged her from her once intimate circle. The film explores long-suppressed sentiments excavated from the PCA years with a contemporary spin.


Zoey Brooks

The main character has matured, now less petulant and less influenced by her peers compared to her PCA days in “Zoey 101”. As an older woman, she still cherishes her unforgettable high school memories—her golden era. Her propensity to meddle in minor issues is a trait that fans will find familiar.


Zoey 102, directed by Nancy Hower, 2023, (Paramount +)
“Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears)” and “Chase (Sean Flynn)” walking in the wedding, Zoey 102, directed by Nancy Hower, 2023, (Paramount +)

The endearing character who once captivated Zoey’s heart is back unexpectedly with a girlfriend. Despite his attempts to evade Zoey’s messages, evading her in person proves more challenging.


Flashier than ever and flush with inherited wealth, this former roommate and friend to Chase makes a grand comeback as Quinn Pensky’s affluent fiance.


Zoey 102, directed by Nancy Hower, 2023, (Paramount +)
“Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders)” and “Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood)” at Quinn’s tech/press release, Zoey 102, directed by Nancy Hower, 2023, (Paramount +)

This once quirky inventor retains her introverted tendencies but presents herself as stunningly beautiful and fiercer than ever. When her wedding plans start to unravel, and she feels neglected, she suddenly develops *cold* feet and bolts from the chapel!


He consistently lightens the mood with his comedic charm amidst the tumultuous reunion of PCA alumni.


From an extortionist to a reality television host, his character is intriguing, if a little unnerving. His undeniable goal is to empower Zoey to seize control of her own life.

Jordan B & Jordan J

With his luscious brown hair, Jordan B captivates the audience despite being a puppet to Zoey due to his lack of intellect. Jordan J is evidently just there for the fame, which becomes apparent within the film’s first ten minutes.


Zoey 102, directed by Nancy Hower, 2023, (Paramount +)
“Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears)” and “Kelly Kevyn (Thomas Lennon)” telling Zoey she must be on set despite Quinn’s wedding, Zoey 102, directed by Nancy Hower, 2023, (Paramount +)

A boss who allows Zoey’s ideas to be stolen and disregards her influence. Kelly gets her on submissions duty after she asks to be on the set in a weird move to penalize her. Perhaps she asked for too much in his mind.



Tech Time

One of the most enchanting aspects of life at PCA was the advanced technology and gadgets featured. The Tek-Mate was a staple among the students. The ingenious Quinn Pensky brings hilarity by being the pioneer of a new see-through phone technology showcased in “Zoey 102”. Other humorous moments include the escapades of trust-fund baby Lyric and her artificial intelligence machinations aimed at dazzling the crowd during Logan and Quinn’s extravagant wedding.

Setting For Sights

“Zoey 102” showcases picturesque coastal settings and stunning venues. Notable locations include the sprawling estate where Logan and Quinn’s wedding is held and the reality television set that Brooks sabotages.


A Jab At Reality TV

Zoey finds herself working behind the scenes on a ‘reality’ television show filled with annoying characters and fabricated relationships. This seems like a clever extrapolation from the vibes of the original children’s show. “Zoey 101” often felt like a scripted reality show, making this a potentially clever critique of the genre or merely a device to pad the plot.

Serial Killer Twist

Fan-favorite Stacey returns as a true crime podcast host, bringing a fresh energy to the film. Her treatment of her husband, whom she flippantly refers to as her field reporter, adds an unnerving perspective. When Zoey starts a work call during the wedding, Stacey accuses her hired boyfriend of being the earlier hinted-at Malibu Murderer. Nevertheless, Stacey’s relentless enthusiasm reflects the current zeitgeist, lending a contemporary feel amidst the nostalgic trip.

Low Points

No Sparks

Zoey’s fixation on her dwindling relationships and unfulfilled romance can feel excessive, particularly when no sparks fly between her and Chase. The film leaves us wondering: Besides a play at nostalgia, what was the true objective of this otherwise mediocre subplot?

Peaked In Highschool

The film resonates with those who were popular in high school but never managed to replicate that same magnitude of success afterward. This shared experience provides a link for the generation who grew up with “Zoey 101”, offering a reflection on their post-high school trajectories.

The takeaway is clear: Never underestimate the so-called nerds—they might end up wealthier and more romantically successful than you in a decade or so.


Do Zoey and Chase finally get together?

No– what a bummer.

Why does Zoey decide she must go to the wedding?

Despite all of her work due dates, she overhears Stacey talking about how she is a bit of a flake at Quinn’s dressing rehearsal. She decides she will go then and also lies about her life while at it.

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Zoey 102 (2023) – Movie Review (with Spoilers)
"Zoey 102" revisits the past with a modern spin, unearthing buried feelings and showcasing the unpredictability of life after high school, all wrapped in a package of whimsical tech and stunning locales.
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Tech Time
Setting For Sights
Serial Killer Twist
No Sparks
A Jab At Reality TV

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