The Blackening (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Tim Story

Directed by

Tracy Oliver and Dewayne Perkins

Written By


College friends reunite for a Juneteenth vacation and find themselves hunted by a serial killer who forces them to play a game to prove who is the Blackest among them.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Morgan (Yvonne Orji), Lisa (Antoinette Robertson), Dewayne (Dewayne Perkins), Allison (Grace Byers), Shanika (X Mayo), King (Melvin Gregg), Clifton (Jermaine Fowler) & More!

Review Topics

1. Clifton and Dewayne 2. Using Logic, Common Sense, And Fighting When Possible 3. The Jokes 4. You May Wish You Got To Know Some Characters Beyond Their Archetype

"A Black Lady Sketch Show" depicts jokes about Black culture for the culture and on top of having women as the actors and writers, it features Black icons.