IF (2024) Movie Review

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Cailey Fleming, and John Krasinski, in this theatrical release, prepare to cry as a young girl deals with her father needing surgery and imaginary friends grieving over being forgotten.

Babes (2024) Movie Review

“Babes,” starring Ilana Glazer of “Broad City” and “Survival of the Thickest” star Michelle Buteau, lead Pamela Adlon’s movie depicting the changes a person goes through once they have kids, from their romantic to platonic relationships.

Prom Dates (2024) Movie Review

As two friends seek out prom dates to hold up a pact they made as kids, you watch a film that seems as beholden to the familiar as its leads are to their promise.

Boy Kills World (2024) Movie Review

Bloody and gory, as promised, “Boy Kills World” is an action movie that, in the latter half, tries to switch things up to possibly good results.

Wildcat (2024) Movie Review

While you may think “Wildcat” is a biopic, more so, it is a series of short stories by Flannery O’Connor linked up and barely featuring the writer in a notable capacity.

Fallout: Season 1 – Review

Season 1 of “Fallout” continues the trend of good video game adaptations we’ve seen recently, with this trying to balance the seriousness of a nuclear apocalypse with the comedy Obsidian Entertainment gave “Fallout: New Vegas.”

Música (2024) Movie Review

In “Música,” Rudy Mancuso may not reinvent the musical genre but gives something different enough to revive your love for the genre if it has left you jaded.

Lisa Frankenstein – Movie Review and Summary

“Lisa Frankenstein” doesn’t merely ride the wave of Frankenstein-type movies but carves out its own little niche thanks to the combination of those in front of and behind the camera.

Scrambled – Movie Review and Summary

While it hones in on the comedy, “Scrambled” also recognizes the societal pressure to have kids and a family, and having things figured out by a certain age can trigger a meltdown.

Which Brings Me To You – Movie Review and Summary

“Which Brings Me To You” is an Olympic showing of Nat Wolff and Lucy Hale’s abilities as romantic leads, but beyond the romance their characters share are the lessons that made them right for each other.