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In “Momma, I Made It!” Yvonne Orji makes it clear “Insecure” didn’t make her who she is, all it did was put you on to someone already hilarious.

Directed By Chris Robinson
Written By Yvonne Orji
Aired (HBO) 6/6/2020
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Noted Cast
Herself Yvonne Orji

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

From being a Nigerian American, and all that comes with being raised by Nigerian parents, and knowing her culture, to enjoying the company of people form the hood, Orji has led a life. One that, in the conflict of what her parents desire to what is available and what Orji likes, there is comedy. Be it dealing with Black men who have a hard time defining what single is, or haggling in America like she is in a Nigerian market. Never mind dealing with parents who, even with Orji’s success, are a bit shady about the things she doesn’t have – like a husband. Thus Orji helps you understand the struggle it is to impress and make African parents proud, even when you are beyond the come up and have actually made it.


Jokes Followed Up With Examples

Yvonne Orji acting out how Nigerians curse someone.
Yvonne Orji

The majority of the big jokes Orji tells, be it about getting directions, or some of her parent’s ways, they are followed up an example. We see this as she haggles at a Nigerian market, pretty much showing her routine isn’t all for laughs but is dead serious. Also, in terms of the weight of expectation parents put on you, she has a conversation with other Nigerian children to cosign. Then that is followed up with footage of Orji getting her mom a Louis Vuitton bag, a real one, but her mom, after a second of appreciating the bag, goes into Orji forgetting to get her lettuce. There is a $100+ bag in front of her, but a lack of lettuce is an issue.

The Storytelling

Orji isn’t a setup and punchline comedian. Rather, she is the type that gets you so wrapped up in her story, the laughs come naturally. Similar to when you are talking with your funny friend who just comes out of nowhere with something funny, so you can’t control yourself. And even when she does occasionally set up a joke, like for her “A Whole Me” callback, it doesn’t get old or feel like she is beating a dead horse. She spaces them out enough so that they still feel natural and not like she feels like she is losing you, so she needs to remind you when she was last funny.

On The Fence

Towards The End, You’re Ready To Check How Much Time Is Left

But with that said, you’ll likely come to a point where you’re good. Towards the end, you’ll feel like the conversation isn’t as funny as it was, and now she is trying to fill up time. Which isn’t to say the set ends on a low note. More so, just as she is starting to overstay her welcome, she ends it just in the nick of time.


Would Watch Again? – One and Done

Yvonne Orji giving the side eye.
Yvonne Orji


Rating: Positive (Watch This)

“Momma, I Made It!” is in a strange place for us. We don’t necessarily want to call it a special, since it doesn’t have the vibe it is worth watching over and over. However, we don’t want to call it a taping since you can tell this wasn’t a vanity project. It’s somewhere in the middle, and we don’t necessarily have a term for it.

But, even with the slight complication of being unable to properly define “Momma, I Made It!” we definitely think it is worth watching. Orji, while embracing Molly and “Insecure,” makes it clear that isn’t the beginning, nor will it be the end of her story. It’s simply how you may have been introduced to her. However, after this, you’ll come to realize that Orji is an asset to the show more so than someone who needs it.

Jokes Followed Up With Examples - 83%
The Storytelling - 84%
Towards The End, You're Ready To Check How Much Time Is Left - 77%


Orji, while embracing Molly and "Insecure," makes it clear that isn't the beginning, nor will it be the end of her story. It's simply how you may have been introduced to her.

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