Sam's X-Ray
"Sam's X-Ray," City On Fire, "Scenes From Private Life," directed by Jesse Peretz, 2023, (Apple TV+)

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General Information

Network Apple TV Plus
Genre(s) ActionAdventureCrimeDramaMysteryRomanceYoung Adult

Episode Listing

Episodes To Anticipate

Episode 2 “Scenes From Private Life” seals the deal regarding your investment in Sam and Charlie’s relationship as it becomes clear, as much as Sam is clearly the more interesting of the two, this doesn’t mean Charlie doesn’t bring anything to the relationship.

Episode 5 “Brass Tactics” and Episode 6 “Annus Horribilis” act as a real turning point in the show and is where it finally begins to pick up and get interesting, beyond the lifeline Sam and Amory provide.

Video Review

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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”9G81IQFz” upload-date=”2023-08-08T09:31:42.000Z” name=”City On Fire Season 1 – Review and Summary (with Spoilers).mp4″ description=”City On Fire, one of Apple TV+’s latest shows may showcase Chase Sui Wonders in a wonderful way, but might be a bit too dependent on her to keep this show going.” player-type=”static”]

Who Is This For?

“City On Fire” is for those with a willingness to stick around as a show goes from being heavily reliant on a few characters and eventually create reasons to get invested in the majority of characters.

What I Hope To See

With Sam ending the season awake, I was hoping we could get to know her beyond the flashbacks. Also, more information on Solomon as he is one of the few, alongside DT, who didn’t really get developed much over the course of the season.

Asked and Answered

Has “City On Fire” Been Renewed For Another Season?

It was actually canceled.

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City On Fire: Season 1 – Review Summary


Unfortunately, “City On Fire” tests the abilities of Chase Sui Wonders, and later John Cameron Mitchell, to keep the show going as it takes nearly 3/4 of its season to build up most of its characters into compelling people.

  • Plot and Dialog - 74.5%
  • Character Development and Performances - 76.5%
  • Visuals and Sound - 80%
  • Pacing - 73%
  • Value For Intended Audience - 74%
  • Chase Sui Wonders As Sam - 87%
  • John Cameron Mitchell As Amory Gould - 85%
  • Lorraine - 83%
  • Solomon Remaining A Mystery - 64%
  • Regan - 77%
  • Charlie - 78%
  • It Takes A While To Get Good - 73.5%
User Review
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  • Chase Sui Wonders As Sam
  • John Cameron Mitchell As Amory Gould
  • Lorraine


  • Regan
  • Solomon Remaining A Mystery
  • Charlie
  • It Takes A While To Get Good

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