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Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers): Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Every now and then a show comes along which you didn’t anticipate for it wasn’t on your radar. Rokka no Yuusha, for me, was one of those shows. Thankfully though, superficial curiosity led me to read the summary and somehow within the first few minutes, I knew I found something which certainly had to be watched. 

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Episode 1: The Strongest Man in the World

Main Plot Analysis & Spoilers

Topic 1: An Unexpected Triple Threat Match – Adlet

In an unnamed continent, within the kingdom Piena, which has an Aztec inspired look, a tournament is being held. One which the elder king himself, as well as the princess, is attending, and a great honor would be bestowed to the victor. On one side is Batoal of the Royal Guard and on the other side is Tomaso, seasoned warrior who may not have the traditional training of Batoal, but surely hasn’t made it to the semi-finals without skill.

However, before their fight can begin, so enters Adlet Mayer. A person who claims to be the strongest in the world, and tries to prove so by defeating both Tomaso and Batoal. Thing is, with this battle being very important to Piena, Adlet is greatly unwelcomed. Something he doesn’t care about for he fights for the Goddess of Fate’s blessing and using all types of items and weaponry, he finds himself almost the victor. That is, until Tomaso takes him down and proves that while Adlet may very well be a great tactician, when it comes to strength he is really overselling himself.

Topic 2: A Little Background on Adlet & His World – Adlet

With Adlet being taken down means him facing the punishment for ruining the fight, injuring Batoal, and just making a fool out of the majority of the Pienaian army. Lucky for him though, while imprisoned, a maiden comes to visit and gives him a chance to tell his story, which leads to us learning why he, among many others, are trying to earn the right to be one of the brave 6.

To begin, Adlet is currently 18, and left home when he was 10 to train under this mountain man named Atro Spiker; and like many a hero it seems he has never had much but his courage and will to not only survive, but to prove himself. Leading to the question of why in the world, of all places, he decided to prove himself within Piena? This is not answered [1]. However, what it answered is why Adlet left home in the first place: The Demon Lord.

Now, in the grand scale of things, for more than a 1000 years a demon god has been appearing and has threatened the continent. The first time it appeared, a millennium ago, one sole woman known as the Saint of the Single Flower defeated it. From there, her blessing, or residual power after she passed, has been spread amongst 6 individual who obtain sainthood once blessed. The first time 6 received her blessing was 700 years ago, the most recent time 300 years ago, and now, for the 3rd time, the demon god has awakened.

Topic 3: One of the Six Braves – Adlet & Nashetania

Leading to the problem of the series. The first being, who will be these 6 brave souls who will face the Demon God? Second, considering fiends, offspring of the Demon God, have been killing potential saints left and right, could the Demon God have learned from past defeats and is prepping to finish the continent off once and for all?

Well, if Adlet has anything to do with it, that isn’t going to happen. For, as he was trapped in a pit, a vision of the Demon God came to him and he awoke with the Crest of Six Flowers on his hand. Then, the woman he thought was simply a curious maid, but actually Princess Nashetania, shows up and frees him from his prison. Leaving us watching them escape Piena and begin their adventure west toward the Demon God, with the first stop being Adlet’s hideout.

Things To Note

[1]: Arguably, a reason could be because he wanted to prove he was the strongest by defeating Princess Nashetania.

  • One of the major things I like about this show is that it is about more than two burly, overtly masculine, men going muscle to muscle, or gun to gun, but it is about strategy and seemingly may have some character building on the way. For with Adlet being your usual come from nothing hero, and I’m sure Nashetania trying to prove herself, in some way, as well, I feel Adlet is going to be like an older version of Bell, from Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka?, and Nashetania might be like Yona, from Akatsuki no Yona, also in her older years.
  • I wonder if we are going to get to see the various placed name dropped as we were introduced to characters, or what they are up against.
  • I’m curious about the Demon King Zophrair, and whether these demons are from an entirely different world, or perhaps are remnants from their world’s creation.

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