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Episode 4: The Heroes Gather

Initial Thoughts

With us meeting all the braves, all that is left is determining who is the fake and who shall go on to fight the Demon God, and possibly the Demon Lord, if they still exist. Though, with us learning the fiends are perhaps more complex than given credit for, it seems like the team will have many major battles before the Demon God is ever seen.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Let’s Give Peace A Chance – Adlet, Fremy, and Nashetania

Being that Adlet believes Fremy is good, despite her killing quite a few of the strongest braves, much less brave candidates, it seems Nashetania, as well as Goldof, for now, will back off. However, with Fremy’s crimes, and her explanation of why she killed, comes the question of what led her to want the Demon God to return? Was it to prove herself, vengeance, or maybe did she at one time want the world destroyed? Overall there is no 100% definite answer, but it seems that now she plans on taking it out.

Though, while on the topic of Fremy, I must admit I’m left wondering about her backstory. For with her disliking Adlet being nice to her, and seemingly distrusting of anyone who could be considered a friend, you know there must be something interesting in her past.

Topic 2: The Complexity of Fiends – Adlet

As everyone heads to the temple in which they are supposed to meet up with Maura, the saint of mountains, they find up above a bunch of flying fiends. Which, all things considered, wouldn’t be that big of a deal for it isn’t like we haven’t seen fiends before. However, with these fiends having bombs and them dropping said bombs, it makes you wonder if what we have seen thus far were only pawns.

But that is just the introduction to more complex fiends. For while Nashetania, Goldof, and Fremy kill off fiends, Adlet is told to make a run for the temple and, while there, we see a fiend transform from a human to their natural form. Leading me to wonder how advanced can fiends get? Much less, considering the one time existence of a Demon King, does this mean perhaps there is more than the Demon God, but generals, a King, and maybe even demons which don’t wish to wipe out humans perhaps?

Topic 3: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… 7? – Adlet

Once in the temple it is discovered that the barrier has been raised, and this sends Nashetania in a frenzy for reasons that don’t make a whole lot of sense. But, after her freakout, we are introduced to Chamot, saint of swamps; Maura, the aforementioned saint of mountains; and this very weird saint named Hans Humpty. Thus making it so we have 7 saints. An issue for Maura for, despite someone asking if there could be 7, we are told no. Making it so that one of these 7 people are saints, and thus leading me to naturally look at the men.

The reason being? Since only women can be saints, arguably there is less of a chance for them to be one of the fakes. As for the men? Well, we saw Adlet’s symbol appear, but when it comes to Hans and Goldof, we are just assuming they are legit; and considering we know now that fiends can appear as humans, and I think one fiend even spoke in the episode, it does lead you to wonder if maybe one of these 7 are a undercover spy. As for which? Well, to me Goldof would be the prime suspect and I’d argue he was meant to maybe hunt and kill possible braves, but him falling for Nashetania got in the way of that and, due to this, he has since largely abandoned his mission. However, with the rise of his god coming, he has faked the symbol and is currently fighting between his loyalty to his god and his loyalty to Nashetania. This is just a theory though.

Final Thoughts

I think enough was said in the topics to make this unnecessary.

Things To Note

What happened to the saint of the sun, Riura?

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