Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers): Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 8: The Average Man and the Genius


As Adlet continues to fight for survival, the question of who is the false brave continues to hang in the air.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: One Down and 4 More To Go – Adlet & Hans

Back and forth Adlet and Hans fight each other to the point where desperate times call for desperate measures. For with Hans damn near hell-bent on believing Adlet is the 7th brave, Adlet decides to gamble with his life. How so? Well, he drops nearly all his weaponry, except a blade, and decides that one last trick will decide his fate. If Adlet succeeds, he will convince Hans he isn’t the false brave. However, there comes some issues with that plan. The first being, Hans not being convinced, the second, Hans being the 7th so Adlet has now left himself entirely open.

Which leads to, for a moment, us being led to believe the worst option is what happened. For with Adlet firing his blade at Hans, but only to disarm one of his blades, the moments thereafter make it seem Hans was the false brave. Leading to us seemingly watching Adlet lose his head and it seeming the show was about to switch focus to us wondering who would be able to take down Hans.

Luckily for Adlet though, most of what he thought happened was a hallucination. Now, as for how Hans made Adlet hallucinate? This isn’t gone into, nor are we led to believe maybe Hans stole one of Adlet’s tricks. What is revealed though is that Hans, in the moment of death, believes he can tell if someone is lying or not, and Adlet he believes is telling the truth.

Topic 2: Others Not So Easily Convinced – Mora, Fremy, Nashetania, and Goldof

With Adlet cleared by Hans, with Nashetania being consistently loyal, and Fremy leaning toward him not being a threat, there still remains an uphill battle when it comes to Goldof and Mora. For with Goldof, his feelings for Nashetania, which she notes she doesn’t have time to deal with, are clouding his judgement in ways which make you wonder if he might be the 7th. After all, the man’s desires to be close to Nashetania could perhaps be strong enough to where he would have the symbol tattooed on him.

As for Mora? Well, while she once seemed benevolent and simply in search for the truth, now she sounds almost like Chamot with her blood lust. In fact, considering the way she speaks to Fremy about killing Adlet, a part of me wonders if maybe she is the reason why Chamot seems so crazy.

Topic 3: One Psychotic Little Girl – Chamot, Adlet, and Hans

With Hans and Adlet now recognizing each other as comrades, Adlet is allowed into the temple to get his gear, and Hans tries to think of ways to clear Adlet’s name. Unfortunately though, no answers seem to point a finger away from Adlet. However, with Hans asking about the barrier, in terms of how it activates, comes the need to see Chamot. After all, between the possible braves, only Goldof, Nashetania, Mora, and Adlet knew about the way the barrier worked. Making it so Chamot and Hans didn’t, and this needing to be addressed.

But, being that Chamot has a strong bloodlust, and is as crazy as a trapped rat in a heated pan, she doesn’t wish to talk. No, what she wants is solutions and with her wanting to face the Demon God, be it alone or on a team, she wants whoever needs to die to die so she can have a real fight. Thus leading to her offering Adlet and Hans the opportunity to face each other, but with Hans denying this offer, she decides it may just be better to kill them both, then Fremy, and also Nashetania and Goldof. For she is coming to the point where her patience is gone, she is bored, and even a warm up is as good as finding the person responsible for putting the barrier up.

Thus leading to us discovering why Chamot has that weird little thing in her hand – it is to make herself vomit. For, after she vomits, she is able to use what comes out of her stomach and create fiend like monsters to fight on her behalf. Which, between the destruction they can cause, speed, and regeneration abilities, are damn near undefeatable. Making it so, outside of an appearance by Mora, it seems there isn’t much to stop Chamot.

Final Thoughts

As quickly noted in Topic 2, at this point I’m of the opinion Mora is the possible 7th brave. The reason being, she has Chamot to pretty much do her dirty work, that being killing all the braves, and with Chamot so naïve, and so sure Mora cannot be the 6th brave, after her dirty work is handled, she likely thinks she could kill Chamot without issue. Now, as for what is the motive? Well, that is when things get complicated. Part of me believes it could be jealousy, since she wasn’t originally chosen, but at the same time Mora could very well be a doppelganger. For, as of now, there doesn’t seem to be a set rule on what the powers of saints are, and with Fremy just recently becoming the gun saint, thanks to fiend influence, who is to say there isn’t a saint of life, death, or whatever it would take to be able to either revive someone to do their doing, or maybe create puppets?

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