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Episode 5: The Seventh Brave


With the barrier raised, and a false brave amongst the 6 true braves, it forces everyone to introduce themselves and recollect their version of events before the barrier was raised.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Situation at Hand and Introduction to Those We Already Know – Adlet, Nashetania, and Goldof

With the barrier up, it means not one of the true braves, or the fake, can get in or out. A serious issue which leads to everyone becoming a suspect. Leading to a slew of introductions. For Goldof we are given a rather boring introduction dealing with him being the leader of Peina’s Blackhorn knights, him formerly chasing the brave killer, and now joining the rest of the braves in the temple trapped. Nashetania’s is equally boring, with no new details, and then when it comes to Adlet? Well, all he does is annoying everyone with repeating how he is the strongest in the world. Which, due to him lacking physical, or the strength saints need for magic, it seems his self-made moniker is just a joke.

Topic 2: Introducing Those We Didn’t Know, or Didn’t Know Well – Hans, Chamo, Mora, and Fremy

So, to make things a little bit easier, let’s break this down in bullet form in order to talk about each character.

  • Mora – Saint of mountains and current leader of All Heavens Temple. Her position, which she has had for 10 years since Saint of Suns Riura stepped down, or died, has been mostly peaceful. She has watched over all 78 saints, and made sure they didn’t misuse their powers, and pretty much seems clean. That is, until there is some shakiness on her maybe not knowing about the temple, which seemed sort of strange to me. If only because she had got the key to the temple, and her name is the main one associated with it. But maybe I’m missing something.
  • Hans – An assassin by trade, whose mannerism and sword fighting style is based off cats, seems to be very unwilling to say much about himself. He does reveal, however, that unlike the rest of the saints, he is being paid to defeat the Demon God.
  • Chamot – This 14 year old is the saint of swamps, and has been a saint since she was 7. She perhaps is the only one of the saints, that we know of, has killed another person, and this was by accident. Though considering her desire to quickly kill Fremy, or at least torture her [1], it seems she and Hans will be competing for the weirdest of characters.
  • Fremy – Big reveal: Fremy is half-fiend and half human. 20 some odd years ago, her father, a human, and mother, a fiend, somehow mated and, not too long after her dad died, she was taken back to fiend territory and trained to eventually become the saint of gunpowder. From there, she was tasked to kill any and all braves for the glory of the Demon God. As for why she switched sides? Well, this isn’t gone into.

Topic 3: So Who Is The Fake? – Adlet

With all introductions, and accusations, done, so comes the question of: who activated the barrier? Mora claims innocence, and with Nachetania, Fremy, Goldof, and Chamot fighting off fiends, they are clear, thus leaving Adlet and Hans. Now, Hans openly admits to being someone who is a master of sneaking in and out of places, but with his accusing Adlet comes a lot of stares and focus. If only because Adlet found a way into the temple, which should have been impossible, and he is likely the first person in. So now Adlet is asked to remember every last detail if he doesn’t want to be considered the false brave, and possibly tortured or killed due to the accusation.

Final Thoughts

Recognizing when I first heard about this show this scenario was mentioned, I got to admit the way it is being handled is a bit confusing and doesn’t even bring strong “Who Is It?” feelings. For, before Adlet’s accusation, I was pretty sure it was Goldof since it seems he will do anything and everything to be close to Nashetania. However, with him fighting outside with fiends, alongside Fremy and Nashetania, it marks him off and those two off the list. Then comes Mora who, just due to position, it seems she is trying to scratch her name off the suspect list. Though with her having the physical key to the temple, it makes me side eye her despite the claim that once the doors are open, they would remain open.

Thus shifting focus to Chamot, but with her claiming to be fighting the fiend Adlet saw, she somewhat has an alibi. Making it so only Adlet and Hans are left, and honestly the fact people are even focusing on Adlet, as if Hans hasn’t already admitted to extortion and being a master sleuth, makes no sense.

Overall though, it is rather weird how this whole scenario is playing out. For one, who says that perhaps this time, for whatever reason, 7 braves couldn’t be chosen? Much less, why couldn’t the barrier being activated be considered an accident? I mean, based off what Mora says, the only thing that has to be done is the person who activated it has to deactivate it, so why the witch hunt?

Things To Note

[1]: It should be noted, Fremy did try to kill her before we met her.

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