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Episode 11: Counter Attack


At long last Adlet is caught, and presents his final defense statement in front of everyone. Leaving us wondering if he may be universally believed, much less who will be accused of being the 7th?

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: A Handicap Match – Fremy, Adlet, Nashetania, Goldof, and Mora

As we saw, Adlet was pretty much corned by Nashetania, Goldof, as well as Mora, with only his weaponry and Fremy keeping him from death. Unfortunately though, being that Nashetania is the saint of swords, it makes it so while Fremy can hold her off, she can’t take her on alongside stopping Mora and Goldof. Making it so, as much as she wants Adlet to run, he just can’t leave her. Though, with time, he finds himself with no other choice and this makes it so Mora and Goldof face off against Fremy as Nashetania goes after Adlet.

Topic 2: Repent – Adlet and Nashetania

Being that Nashetania feels deeply betrayed, and now has a similar persona to Chamot, she goes after Adlet with 0 remorse. To the point where it honestly seems that while she doesn’t get to damage him as Hans did with his dagger throw, she made enough lacerations to possibly make him bleed out. Leaving him almost at death’s door but, luckily, as Nashetania goes for the final blow Adlet gets enough strength for one final escape.

Topic 3: My Final Statement – Adlet

One which is short lived since, with him nearly bleeding out, walking isn’t much of an option. Though, once again thanks to luck, he finds himself where it almost all began. The place where they were originally attacked by fiends, before they reached the temple, and with them being at that exact spot, so comes Adlet’s final statement/ theory.

One in which it is said that the Saint of the Sun, Riura, is partly responsible for everything. As for how? Well, being that the forest is humid, thanks to the air from the sea, and the natural heat in the area, the saint of the sun raising said heat, then dying, is what caused the fog. Now, as for why the saint of the sun helped the would be 7th? Well, being that she is dead, one cannot say. Adlet fathoms there was some threat to her person being the reason, and considering that the saint was old, yet still powerful, her being taken advantage of remains a possibility.

Either way, with the discovery of the saint’s body, and Adlet finally finding a theory which holds true to everyone, the final question is: Who is the 7th? Something not answered for the episode ends on a cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, at this point, I can only fathom Goldof is the 7th. As for why? Well, all signs would point toward Nashetania. He would do anything to keep her safe, and I do believe making a deal with the demon god, or king, would be one of the things he would do. Much less, considering Nashetania’s empire isn’t the strongest, likely a fiend may have offered Goldof something in return for its protection, or possible wealth. Though, at the same time, jealousy of Adlet could very well be part of the plan. For while Adlet is still fairly new, I’m sure between his tournament shenanigans, alongside maybe Nashetania talking about him, envy could have played a part in Adlet being chosen as the fall guy.

As for everyone else? Well, Hans I think wouldn’t go through this much time and preparation; Chamot pretty much just wants to fight and kill people; Nashetania was with Adlet all this time, though honestly could have very well made the same deal I accuse Goldof of having; Fremy seems hell-bent on revenge right now, so her helping fiends seems like an odd decision, though she could have lied to Adlet about everything; Mora, at this point, I think is just trying to prove herself as head of saints, and will do anything to maintain her position; and as for Adlet, while his former master being a possible fiend is a thought, considering this doesn’t seem like the type of show to employ such a twist, I doubt we would ultimately find out he has been the liar Mora has accused him of being all this time.

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