Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers): Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 9: Blossoms of Doubt


As Adlet and Hans resolve their fight with Chamot, it seems Mora is next up to be convinced. Though, as of now, it seems she is hell bent on taking Adlet out.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Taking Down Chamot – Chamot, Adlet, and Hans

While it seems like taking Chamot down is basically an impossible task, pretty much Adlet finds a way. Basically, he uses fire, which seems to scare off the fiends, then has Hans go at her full force. Leading to her spitting up another fiend, but with Hans blocking the attack, then Adlet kicking him to fly at Chamot full force, she is left defenseless and gets knocked out.

Thus giving Adlet the opportunity to ask if Chamot knew about the barrier, and how to activate it, in which she answers no.

Topic 2: A Theory and A Request For Time (Optimism vs. Pessimism) – Fremy and Adlet

With Chamot handled, and perhaps somewhat more skeptical on the idea that Adlet is the 7th, it is time for Adlet to meetup with Fremy. If just because of the way Hans makes it seem that with Adlet cleared, it means Fremy is the next target, and being that Adlet doesn’t want Fremy to be considered, it means a pow wow is necessary. Thus leading to him revealing his newest theory which deals with the soldier he and Fremy met, that dealt with countless fiend assaults, possibly being part of the reason why the barrier is up. Alongside that theory, is the idea that maybe the Saint of Fog, Uspa, is perhaps the 7th Brave [1].

However, being that Fremy believes her powers would be unable to really cause a fog within seconds, she believes it would take 15 minutes, she denies this theory, among other reasons as well. Though there is something about Adlet’s optimism which intrigues her. To the point that, despite Hans thinking she hates Adlet, with all her heart, such may not be the case. If anything, with her having nothing, and he in the same boat, perhaps she does feel like he is a kindred spirit. But what ruins that feeling is they are on opposite sides. She is a pessimist and he a blind optimist. Which, thus far, hasn’t worked out for her well, so with her asking to perhaps get to know him, maybe she is trying to see if his way of life might be possible for her.

Topic 3: Adlet’s Plan to Attack Everyone’s Heart – Mora and Hans

Despite winning over Nashetania, who still has faith in Adlet by the way; Hans, who has become a stan for him; and maybe also Fremy, Mora remains in the mindset that Adlet is an enemy. Only pushing the idea that between being the false brave, or maybe just a darker person than originally introduced, something is seriously off about her. Either way, it seems that she will continue to pursue Adlet for she fears his influence is causing damage to the bond of the braves. Making it so that, rather than attack and stop him, they will attack, and possibly kill, each other.

Things To Note

[1]: To be completely honest, Adlet’s theories make less and less sense as he brings new ones, but this one perhaps was his best one yet. Though what made this one odd was all the totems found underground after Fremy threw a bomb. For a moment, I thought she proved Adlet right by showing that maybe the Saint of Fog did create a long term plan to perhaps cancel out one barrier with her own, but alas it seems I was mistaken. Either way, Adlet still is in the process of trying to prove he is innocent.

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