Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers): Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 12: The Time To Reveal the Answer


As the season, seemingly, comes to an end, the 7th brave is revealed! Though, before the episode ends, new problems arise.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: So Who Is The 7th? – Adlet

To cut it short, surprisingly it is Nashetania. As for why? Well, it is hard to say. For while she does note that she believed killing the braves, and sacrificing perhaps 500,000 humans could bring peace between fiends and humans, something seems amiss. Mostly because, it leads to the question of whether the real Nashetania is dead, or maybe was a fiend even prior to meeting Adlet in that prison cell. Either way, she is attacked not to long after confessing and while defeated, she isn’t dead. Leading to the question of whether or not she may return in the future. Though, with that said, we do see the fiend who wiped out Adlet’s village awaken, so it seems we won’t be without a proper villain for long.

Topic 2: Trust Issues – Adlet & Fremy

With Nashetania gone, and the barrier deactivated, so begins the healing process of people being accused of being the 7th, and trying to regroup in general. Though, out of all the healing of bonds, it is mostly the relationship between Fremy and Adlet which gets focused on. If only because Fremy has made it seem that Adlet has made her life worth living. Which, sadly, doesn’t lead to him asking if she has romantic feelings for him, but considering how hard it seemingly was for her to admit he has become a significant part of her life, it seems fairly obvious. Especially when a new brave shows up, a new 7th brave, named Rolonia (The Saint of Blood). Someone who is Adlet’s childhood friend and with their past connection comes what seems to be jealousy from Fremy.

Topic 3: To The Land of Howling Demons

Though with already enough time spent trapped in a barrier, and there being word of 2,000 fiends on their way, there isn’t any time to really play another round of “Clue” to find out who the 7th brave is. So, upon the arrival of Doltom III, King of Gwenbyer, the braves begin their journey, once more, to the Land of Howling Demons, and ask the barrier to be reactivated as they leave. Thus leaving us with the original goal back in plain sight, but also the same issue of a 7th brave looming over our heroes.

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