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Episode 3: The Girl Who Kills Braves


For the majority of the episode we watch Adlet try to win Fremy over, much less convince her to work with the other braves. Something which is an uphill battle since she is quite adamant on facing the Demon God alone – for reasons currently unknown.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Adlet and Fremy

Somehow, after getting a gun pointed at him, and Fremy even running away from him, Adlet slowly finds a way to win Fremy over. Granted, to keep her from running off, he has to snatch and hold onto her bullets, but as they head toward the peninsula it seems she slowly grows to enjoy his person. Albeit, she takes his kindness as an annoyance, but considering when he hands her back her bullets she doesn’t shoot him, or run away, it seems she has grown at least indifferent about his company.

But what makes their interactions so interesting is what Fremy is hiding? For there doesn’t seem to be any temple Fremy might be associated with, and with guns only being invented 30 some odd years ago, her being the gun saint is unprecedented. Add on that she hasn’t necessarily given a reason for her killing past braves, and we are left with almost as much mystery as when the episode began.

Topic 2: The Phantasmal Barrier – Adlet and Fremy

Upon reaching a fortress, of which the Gwenbyer army defends, we learn the fiends have been ripping through the area in search of the braves; and while many of them have been killed by non-braves, also a lot of soldiers have been killed. However, their deaths aren’t in vain for 2 Braves have already gone past the fortress, toward the valley connecting the continent and the Demon God’s realm, and The Saint of Mountains named Mora has come up with a plan.

Now, the plan is to create a barrier to stop fiends, named the Phantasmal Barrier, which in combination of the Saint of Fog creating an impenetrable fog, combined with the saint of salt making a physical barrier, it is believed that fiends entering the main continent can cease happening. An idea which is generating much hope since with fiends unable to cross water, blocking the land route would mean the end to a lot of the violence we have thus far witnessed. Issue is, Mora is waiting for additional braves to come about before the barrier is put in place and there needs to be a signal done. One at the fortress where the Gwenbyer army is, and then at the temple Mora is at.

Topic 3: 4 Braves Meet, One May Not Survive – Adlet, Goldof, Nashetania, and Fremy

But before the possibility of meeting that objective, so comes the issue of Nashetania sending blades towards Fremy’s back and Adlet doing his best to keep Goldof at bay and stop Nashetania. Leading to the question if whether the show might be bold enough to actually kill off one of the Braves we have gotten to know? I mean, likely Goldof would be the one to die, but at the same time there remains 2 others which could very well pose a problem. After all, if people around the continent can know about Adlet, without the invention of telephones, then knowing about Fremy’s crimes will surely spread as quickly.

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