Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers): Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 7:The Reasons of the Two


Some additional details of Fremy and Adlet’s backstory is given before Adlet is eventually left to fend for himself since Fremy, despite opening up so much to Adlet, is still unsure if he is the 7th.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Missing Details – Adlet

With Fremy taking an interest in Adlet’s story, mostly because she is interested in how such an average man can think of himself as strong, Adlet reveals more about what led to him meeting Atro Spiker as well training with the man.

To begin, let’s reestablish that Adlet lived in a small village in which he lived with his sister, and would play with a young man named Rainer. Well, one day one of the three rulers of the fiends, a humanoid crow with three wings, came to the village and proclaimed that either they move to the land of howling demons and be ruled over by the demon god, or have their hearts ripped out. Which likely led to how a blood stained, and famished, Adlet ended up meeting Atro Spiker. For, despite the village leader being strongly for leaving, it seems not everyone, or anyone, left.

So, jumping ahead, Adlet went to train with Atro Spiker who, according to Fremy, has never fully trained anyone for his methods were too brutal for most. That is, until Adlet. Someone who he taught how to make weapons, create poisons and explosives, as well as become the strong man Adlet believes himself to be.

Topic 2: You And I Are So Alike, Yet So Different – Fremy & Adlet

After hearing Adlet’s story, Fremy is sort of jealous. If only because it seems Adlet has something to fight for, something to believe in. As for Fremy? Well, the aforementioned humanoid demon is the one who came up with the idea of her, and while her mother was as loving as any mother was at first, as well as the community Fremy grew up in, things changed rather quickly. All it took was Fremy failing to kill Chamot and with that failure came abandonment. In fact, she was nearly killed by her mom after she failed. So now she no longer seeks out love for her mother’s betrayal has made it seem it won’t be returned.

Leading to Adlet believing the two are alike. For they both have felt the pain of losing a home, being betrayed in a way, and that pain driving some sense of revenge. However, with her having nothing to fight for besides revenge, and Adlet fighting perhaps so that he doesn’t lose anyone again, they may have took the same road before, but decided on a different path once that road forked.

Topic 3: Never Gonna Give Up – Nashetania, Adlet, and Hans

With Fremy returning to the temple, since she has spent more than enough time with Adlet, so comes the questioning of where she has been, how she escaped, and where may Adlet be. All answered with lies since while Fremy still suspects Adlet, she did give him a parting gift so she can find him. Of course though, between Goldof and Hans, as well as Chamot, the need for a guilty party isn’t ending. So with Fremy returning unharmed leads to some suspicion, but with Adlet still at large, 3 pairs are formed.

Well, two pairs are formed. Chamot and Hans originally were supposed to be part of a pair, but both seem to prefer working by themselves. So Fremy and Mora make one pair, and Goldof and Nashetania another. Leading to us learning Nashetania, despite all that has happened, still stans for Adlet and hopes Goldof will support her [1], which he won’t and, alongside this, Adlet is working his way back to the temple, like Tarzan, for he needs his weapons.

Mostly due to the fact he needs them to defend himself, much less escape, plus, with everyone split up, he fears that someone may kill one the braves and pin it on him. Though upon approaching the temple, he comes face to face with Hans. Leading them to battle and the episode end with Hans on Adlet’s back and moments away from killing him, unless this would be 8th brave comes forth.

Things To Note

[1]: She also mentions she suspects Hans is the false brave, which makes sense considering he is all about the money and the kill.

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