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Episode 10: Desperate Situation


Once again Adlet finds himself convincing someone to be his ally but, with Mora on a rampage, it seems his greatest accomplishment may not be enough to clear his name.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: I Love You – Adlet and Fremy

Be it a proclamation of love, or perhaps how deep he finds their bond, Adlet proclaims his love for Fremy as the reason he continues to protect her despite everything. Issue is, as Hans noted, Fremy is within darkness. A place where the idea of being loved and protected seems like a ruse, one which she will not allow herself to believe. So, after Adlet’s speech, she goes on the hunt for him and soon is joined by Mora.

Topic 2: Clearing Fremy’s Name – Fremy, Mora, and Adlet

After dodging Fremy’s shot, and trying to dodge the Hulk like attacks of Mora, Adlet pretty much surrenders. Thus leading to him presenting his case so that, as he noted in the last episode, things won’t end up with him dying first, then Fremy soon after. As for his defense statement? Well, he shows off this spray which makes it so that whatever oil is released from fiend’s fingerprints, it will show on things they touch. So, he states, Fremy can’t have possibly been the one to cause the fog to happen since when he sprayed around the temple, in Hans’ presence, none of Fremy’s finger prints appeared.

Something which leads to causing a breakthrough for Fremy, and momentarily makes even Mora believe Adlet may not be the 7th. However, her beliefs are pragmatic so she quickly shakes off what she considered Adlet’s charm and once again goes after him.

Topic 3: I Trusted You – Nashetania

Before Mora left the temple, she used her abilities as the Saint of Mountains in order to create a mountain echo. One which implicated that Adlet gravely hurt Hans, who is perfectly fine, all in the hopes that it would dispel Adlet’s charm and lead to him finally being taken down. Well, her plan worked. For the former ally, and ride or die, known as Nashetania loses faith.

With that comes what almost appears like a mental breakdown for she starts laughing, to the point of scaring Goldof a bit, and it seems now with this new experience of being betrayed, she wants the experience of murdering a human. One which she may very well get considering her bloodlust is on an astronomical level.

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