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Episode 2: The First Journey


4 of the Braves are introduced, as well as some backstory on Nashetania.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Life Isn’t What It Seems – Nashetania and Adlet

For a good part of the episode we are learning about Nashetania and how her life hasn’t been as wonderful as one would assume. First off, her father seems to highly dislike her, and is already a bit upset with himself since a civil war happened under his reign. Thus leaving him eventually powerless, without a wife, and the majority of his children except one. Making it seem rather odd that before Nashetania became one of the brave, she says her dad was going to have her executed.

It doesn’t end there though. For alongside having a terrible father, the child seems to have no friends. For with her remaining relatives all distant, and nothing but maids who perhaps find her strange, she seems to have no friends. Well, outside of Adlet who, due to her likely never really having friends, or crushes too perhaps, she seems to slowly be falling for. But, even with her becoming a possible love interest, being that she is the saint of blades, and can seemingly hold her own, thankfully being Adlet’s love interest isn’t the end all to be all of her character, just one facet.

Topic 2: Introduction Goldof and Fremy – Adlet and Nashetania

By the end of this episode we meet 4 of the 6 Braves. The two newest ones introduced are Fremy and Goldof. Now, to begin, Goldof seems to be of Piena origin and if he isn’t from Nashetania’s kingdom, he is from somewhere close enough for him to be potentially under her command. Well, under her command if her father had power that is. Either way, while Adlet may claim to be the strongest, it seems for all the time he may have been training with his mountain master, Goldof, at the age of 16, 2 less than Adlet, has actually made a name for himself. In fact, he even fought in the tournament we saw in episode one last year. However, he ended up losing to Nashetania due to seemingly going easy on her. Something which she remains, to this day, quite upset about. But, setting aside Goldof, who for months has been scouting for this Brave Killer, who assumingly is a fiend, let’s talk about Fremy.

Now, when Fremy is introduced a fiend attack is seemingly wiping out a local village. Thankfully though, Adlet makes a good strategist/ commander, so the team of him and Nashetania are able to quickly make mincemeat out of the fiends. However, upon the villagers saying one was left behind, so comes the decision to whether save the people, or focus only on the demon god. Nashetania believes the Demon God is their target, but Adlet doesn’t see why he can’t help the people and defeat the demon god. After all, he is the strongest in the world.

Thus leading to him meeting Fremy. She is a gun user, and assumingly a saint of such, and she has seemingly handled most of the fiends that remained in the village. Also, she made sure the dogs of the village remained safe, and reunited with their animal family. Though while she might be kind to animals, she upfront says she isn’t much for humans. In fact, we learn from Goldof that one type of human in particular she doesn’t like: Braves. Meaning she is the brave killer which has been a large focus of the episode. Leaving us wondering if with a gun pointed within a few feet of Adlet, will he be shot and injured?

Things To Note

Only women can become saints, and it seems saints contain magical powers. For example, Nashetania is the saint of blades and with a wand she can have blades move about as if she was a talented telekinesis user.

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