Title Card, Hot Girl Winter,
Title Card, Hot Girl Winter, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (Tubi)

In this holiday movie definitely just made for the adults, after feeling neglected by her husband, Mrs. Claus decides to head to Miami and let her friend potentially push her to do the unthinkable.

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Film Summary

Jess is the actual Mrs. Claus, and because her husband Nick is so dedicated to his work and so much is going on at the North Pole, she feels neglected. Because of that, she decides to head to Miami to spend time with her friend Tamira, who does not respect Jess’ marriage.

Why? Well, because she struggles to have something serious, and it is more fun when your friend is acting single than when she holds boundaries because she is married. But, when it becomes clear Jess can attract rich men to a gala Tamira is hosting at her new job, and he can bring in some major money, she goes from supporting Jess in exploring what’s available in Miami to exploiting her and this rich man named Andrew.

All, of course, without a care about Jess’ marriage, which by no means was at its end, just dealing with a rough patch.

Character Descriptions

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Golden Brooks as Jess
Golden Brooks as Jess

With dedicating her life, since college, to Nick’s work at the North Pole, Jess feels like everything is about Nick and the family business. This makes his unwillingness to take a break and go on vacation for her the last straw as she needs to get away and rediscover her own interest rather than continue to simply be the misses.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Block Party.”


Jason Mimms as Nick
Jason Mimms as Nick

As the current Santa Claus, Nick has a lot going on. He is readying his son to take over in the future, is dealing with elves being sick, and with Christmas around the corner, he thinks it is a bad time for a vacation. Though it seems for a long time, Nick has just not put in the effort expected in his relationship and has put all his time and attention into the joy of others.


Schelle Purcell as Tamira
Schelle Purcell as Tamira

Formerly a lawyer, now working at a non-profit that helps the homeless, Tamira is a bit of a wild child. She still likes to party, including parties that are a bit naughty by nature, but it seems part of the reason for her lifestyle is that, while professionally, she has done well, personally? She struggles a bit.


Recently divorced and also a new member of the billionaire’s club, Andrew is lonely and, like Tamira, has found a new career working in the non-profit sector. But, unlike Tamira, Andrew is far more serious about meeting someone who gives him the same kind of feeling his ex did – which is where Jess’ magic comes in.


Our Rating: Negative (Acquired Taste)

Low Points

How Much It Pushes And Flirts With Jess Physically Cheating On Her Husband

Let’s be very clear, Jess certainly does emotionally cheat on her husband, and tap dances on the line when it comes to physical cheating. But to make matters worse, Tamira is there egging her on no matter how often Jess reminds her she is married.

Tamira pressures her to take her ring off, dance with a guy half her age, who pursues her even after she confesses she is married, and then pimps Jess to make money for her organization! Now, I get that not all holiday movies need to be wholesome and family-oriented, but “Hot Girl Winter” is just plain old ridiculous.

Then when you consider all the other things the film could have tapped into, like Jess seemingly having magic powers, the line of succession to be Santa, and the fact Jess hides who her husband really is? It makes the film largely being about whether Jess will break her marital vows or not surely something someone wants to see, but I can’t imagine too many who seek out holiday movies may want to see that.

Who Is This For?

Those who love messy holiday movies where tis the season, but also a time for walking the tightrope between something innocent and cheating.

General Information


Patricia Cuffie-Jones

Screenplay By

Patricia Cuffie-Jones, Barbara Zagrodnik

Based On Work By


Date Released

November 23, 2023

How To Watch







Film Length

1 Hour 35 Minutes

Content Rating

Rated TV-14

Noted Characters and Cast


Golden Brooks


Jason Mimms


Schelle Purcell


Danny Pardo

Content Rating Explanation

  • Dialog: Occasional Curse Word
  • Violence: None
  • Sexual Content: Sexual Situations
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking, Drug Use (On Accident)


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Hot Girl Winter (2023) – Movie Review


“Hot Girl Winter” is not for me. However, considering it isn’t a notable raunchy comedy or does anything to be a notable, non-family-friendly holiday movie, it is hard to say what the hook is supposed to be beyond seeing Golden Brooks.

  • How Much It Pushes And Flirts With Jess Physically Cheating On Her Husband - 63%


  • N/A


  • How Much It Pushes And Flirts With Jess Physically Cheating On Her Husband

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