Like most holiday movies, No Sleep ‘Til Christmas makes you scratch your head and question the logic of what’s happening.

Director(s) Phil Traill
Written By Phil Traill, Steve Smith
Date Released 12/11/2018
Genre(s) Romance, Holiday
Good If You Like Unique, But Not Completely Weird, Holiday Movies
Noted Cast
Lizzie Odette Annable
Josh Charles Michael Davis
Billy Dave Annable
Fiona Sheryl Lee Ralph

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No Sleep ‘Til Christmas‘ Plot (Ending on 2nd Page)

Lizzie is an event planner and Josh is a surgeon. They are scheduled to get married at the end of the year and it seems the marriage has royally thrown off Lizzie’s ability to sleep. Mind you, this problem didn’t exist before. Leading to the question of maybe Josh’s mother, Fiona, being the cause for Lizzie’s restless nights. For with Josh being a surgeon, he has every kind of test imaginable done to see if maybe it is a medical, psychological, or what have you kind of issue.

Yet, after accidentally hitting a man named Billy with her car, and both taking a moment to rest their eyes before going into the hospital, they sleep like babies. Oh, did we mention Billy has had sleeping problems too? It’s just his deal with abandonment issues than perhaps just being anxiety. But, taking note how refreshed they both are and how well they can now perform at their jobs, a deal is made. One in which Lizzie will finance the bar Billy wants to open if he sleeps with her, non-sexually, so she can get proper rest.

What’s the worse that could happen, right?


It Certainly Has a Different Story

Billy (Dave Annable) saying goodnight to Lizzie.
Billy (Dave Annable): Good night.

Holiday movies often lean towards the ridiculous side of fantasy and sometimes even sci-fi but this one is strangely rooted in reality. The idea that something is off with someone’s vibe to the point you can’t comfortably sleep while near them makes sense. Especially since the film pushes the idea that it isn’t anything personal when it comes to Josh, it is just something about him doesn’t allow Lizzie the ability to be truly comfortable. Be it beside him, alone, or for various other reasons the film barely dives into.

Then with Billy, him being unable to sleep, since he was a child, due to his father walking out on his mom, not only make sense but is a little heartbreaking. Now, we aren’t given the reasons why his dad left, but there again is this lack of damning someone for what isn’t working and you have to appreciate that.

For while it pushes you to have mixed feelings towards the end of the film, it also reminds you that sometimes things just don’t work out. That there doesn’t always have to be some big blow up, cheating, or all that. It could just be you are compatible with someone in a multitude of ways but maybe not in the way which matters most.

On The Fence

Josh’s Part In All This

Josh (Charles Michael Davis) realizing, on his wedding day, Lizzie has been lying to him.
Josh (Charles Michael Davis): What do you mean you haven’t been sleeping well?

When it comes No Sleep ‘Til Christmas, it gives me Christmas Inheritance flashbacks. The main reason is feeling uncomfortable with the way one relationship ends and the next begins. Something which, for a regular romance movie would be fine, because then there would be layers and complications to it. However, holiday movies forego that. This movie, in particular, may show Lizzie go through a battery of test to learn why she is having sleep issues, but barely addressing her relationship with Josh or Fiona.

By not addressing the elephant in the room, it makes the inevitable with Billy just not have the spark you know it should have. And while you can remix it, as I do in the highlights, it requires you believing in some grand design or being a romantic. If that doesn’t apply to you, you’re just left with this woman who seemingly has issues with communication and likely will have the same issues with this new guy as she had with the last.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Available on Amazon

The main issue with No Sleep ‘Til Christmas is the issue of Lizzie’s transition from Josh to Billy. It’s hard to find it romantic when the main issue with Josh is she can’t sleep. Not because he snores, he is a terrible person or boyfriend, any of that. The only clear issue is with him, things might be too serious and with her already being that type of person, she needs someone fun in her life. Taking note of that, but also how this lack of sleep thing can be flipped to you understanding why Josh maybe wasn’t a good match, hence the mixed label.

While this film has a unique storyline, in terms of why our leads end up together, the complication of Josh ruins what could have very well been a cute film.

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  1. Spot on review this movie made me cringe. The way Lizzie was with in seconds of marrying Josh. Then leaves him at the alter after he poured his heart out to her. Puts a bad taste in your mouth for Lizzie an Billy’s new found relationship(love). No Sleep Til Christmas leaves you with no admiration for love or Christmas. Also the movie only classifies as a Christmas movie cause the wedding was on Christmas.

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