Millennial Hunter (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Jason Shwartz

Directed by

Sam Taggart

August 13, 2023

Written By

Released (Tubi)


John is a 60 year old man, often referred to as a "Boomer" and he makes a living writing articles about the industries Millennials are killing. But, after one fires him and another kills his family, he decides to hunt the entire generation.

What Is “Millennial Hunter” Rated And Why?

Millennial Hunter is Rated TV-MA because of gore, drinking, and implied, off-screen, sex.

Noted  Characters and Cast

John (Chris Parnell), Jessica (Eudora Peterson), and Jak-E Wak-E (Carmen Christopher ) are some of the voice actors in the movie.

Who Is this For?

Those who want to see Boomers fight back, and also kill Millennials in masse.

Review Summary

If your main and only goal is watching someone John's age take out stereotypical Millennials, then "Millennial Hunter" delivers what you are looking for. However, know the fight scenes can be lackluster, as well as the humor, and character development.

"The Baker" features a man who has newly learned he is someone's grandpa, fighting his way through a mob to save his estranged son.