In “Below Deck Deceit,” a seemingly relaxing yacht vacation unveils a web of deception, old connections surfacing, and the perils of fame.

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Director(s) Jodi Binstock
Screenplay By Jodi Binstock
Based On N/A
Date Released (Tubi August 11, 2023
Genre(s) Drama, Mystery
Film Length 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Content Rating Rated R
Noted Characters and Cast
Sadie Woodford Mea Wilkerson
Captain Jimmy Jason Faunt
Reaghan Shellie Sterling
Kyle Freddie L. Flemming
Kara Sara Jane Morris
Robbie Paul Toweh
Bill Charles Mesure

Film Recap

The captain gathers the charter group to delineate roles based on individual strengths and weaknesses. This strategic meeting was in anticipation of serving high-profile guests, including pop star Sadie Woodford, weary from the pressures of fame. A yachting trip arranged by her PR manager, intended to be a break for Sadie, her son, and his actor boyfriend, takes a dark twist when a mysterious death occurs. Amidst the chaos, Reaghan, a crew member romantically linked with the bosun, Kyle, spearheads a gripping search.

Things To Note

Why Is “Below Deck Deceit” Rated R

  • Dialog: N/A
  • Violence: blood, blunt force
  • Sexual Content: N/A
  • Miscellaneous: malicious and intentional poisoning


Sadie Woodford

With a hit song titled “S.O.S,” Sadie seeks an escape from the perils of her overwhelming fame.

Captain Jimmy

He’s a dashing figure with past ties to the entertainment world. He takes his high-profile clientele quite seriously, but not without some questionable dealings.


Reaghan Mea Wilkerson Kyle Freddie L. Flemming below deck deceit
“Reaghan (Shellie Sterling)” checking out the Songbird “Kyle (Freddie L. Flemming),” Below Deck Deceit, directed by Jodi Binstock, 2023, (Tubi)

She’s an inquisitive spirit, relentless in her pursuit of the truth, earning her the moniker “Officer Snoops” by film’s end.


Kara’s son and Robbie’s significant other, Kyle often finds himself caught between love and family expectations.


A fiercely protective “momager,” she’s driven by her vision of a future in the spotlight for her son Christopher.


A close friend of Sadie, Robbie balances his love for Christopher with his penchant for drink.


Bill’s protective instinct towards Sadie stems from his bond with her father. However, his character faces a harrowing downfall following Sadie’s mysterious disappearance.



Rejecting Constraints

Below Deck Deceit
“Sadie Woodford (Mea Wilkerson),” Below Deck Deceit, directed by Jodi Binstock, 2023, (Tubi)

Tired of her PR-driven life, Sadie yearns for authentic freedom, even at the cost of disappointing her fans. Her courage to prioritize her well-being and happiness, even in the face of adversity, resonates deeply.

In the movie, certain characters, like Kara, deliberately impose constraints. While she portrays the vacation as an escape from work-related stress, by the end of “Below Deck Deceit,” it’s evident to the audience that her mind is consumed solely by work.

Unlikely Encounters

Her Jewels and All

A tearful restroom encounter leads to Reaghan unknowingly comforting a deeply distraught superstar, resulting in a surprise gift of a stunning tennis bracelet. This initial meet is hat prompts the audience’s interest in the dynamic between boat staff Reaghan and the idol Sadie Woodford. Raving about her viral single while discussing the high client profile with Captain Jimmy, Reaghan gets a close look into the dangerous life of a star who everyone wants a piece of.

Old Time Friend

Upon boarding with her crew, Sadie’s PR manager, Kara, identified a client to be the captain. As they reconnected, it was revealed to both the audience and the yacht’s crew that the captain had once been an actor.

Beyond his evident charisma and striking features, what’s truly unexpected is his past affiliation with the entertainment industry. However, the relevance of these ties fades when he accepts a bribe from Kara’s son and client, Christopher. The unfolding events cast doubt on the trustworthiness of those in the industry. Considering Sadie’s situation, it seems few can be trusted.


Paparazzi Dilemma

After bribing the captain and altering the coordinates, Christopher masterfully diverts the paparazzi expected at their docking site. Although he convinced the captain to falsely report their location—clearly illegal—it at least shields Sadie from her biggest dread.

Following a light-hearted round of “Kiss, Marry, Kill”, Christopher playfully tries to influence Sadie’s decision with a promise of peace ashore. However, this move complicates matters when Sadie mysteriously disappears from the boat.

While Christopher’s intention to spare her from the pressures of fame seems noble, his brash maneuver ends up compromising Sadie’s safety, even though he remained unaware of his mother’s sinister plans.


The Selfish Murderer

Kara Sara Jane Morris Christopher Troy Osterberg Below Deck Deceit
“Kara (Sara Jane Morris),” pleading after “Christopher (Troy Osterberg) sees his deceased boyfriend,” Below Deck Deceit, directed by Jodi Binstock, 2023, (Tubi)

What are Kara’s true intentions behind organizing the yacht trip for Sadie?

Perhaps, at first, it was for R&R alongside convincing. Then things turned dark when Kara’s plan continued to fail even after killing Sadie’s lawyer.

What is the name of the boat the crew sails?

The Songbird

How does Christopher’s relationship with Sadie and his mother’s schemes intersect in the storyline?

Christopher’s connection with Sadie primarily serves as a buffer, aiming to protect her from the harsh realities of fame. However, unbeknownst to him, his mother Kara’s ambitious plots push the boundaries, ensnaring everyone on board. While Christopher’s intentions might appear genuine, his actions, often influenced by Kara’s machinations, inadvertently escalate the suspense and danger aboard the yacht.

Reaghan Mea Wilkerson Kyle Freddie L. Flemming below deck deceit 1
Below Deck Deceit (2023) Movie Review (with Spoilers)
"Below Deck Deceit" takes viewers on a suspenseful voyage where the elite and their handlers seek escape but find intrigue. As Sadie, a pop icon, attempts to evade the spotlight, the yacht's crew, especially Captain Jimmy with his entertainment background, gets tangled in a narrative of bribery, romance, and betrayal. With unexpected twists, including Kara's ulterior motives and Sadie's mysterious disappearance, the film questions the authenticity and trustworthiness of those in the glamorous industry.
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Unlikely Encounters
Paparazzi Dilemma
The Selfish Murderer

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