Title Card - Millennial Killer (2023)
"Title Card ," Millennial Killer, directed by Jason Shwartz, 2023, (Tubi)

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General Information

Director(s) Jason Shwartz
Screenplay By Sam Taggart
Based On N/A
Date Released (Tubi) August 13, 2023
Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Crime, Animation
Film Length 1 Hour 10 Minutes
Content Rating Rated TV-MA
Noted Characters and Cast
John Chris Parnell
Jessica Eudora Peterson
Jak-E Wak-E Carmen Christopher

What Is “Millennial Hunter” Rated And Why?

Millennial Hunter is Rated TV-MA because:

  • Dialog: Surprisingly, little to no cursing
  • Violence: Decapitation galore, dismemberment, blood, spines getting ripped out, killing of animals, and gore that is a tad cartoon-ish
  • Sexual Content: Implied sex off-screen, you’ll just hear moans and groans
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking

Film Summary

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John is a 60-year-old man set in his ways with no understanding of Millennials and very little desire to understand them. But, while he has some form of ability to tolerate them, that is until one clout-chasing Millennial kills his wife, blows up his house, tries to kill him, and, oh, lest we forget, he also gets fired by a millennial, the same day. All of that leads John to snap and train for seven years to get revenge and potentially kill all millennials, with the hunt to take out the one who fired him and is a top influencer at the top of his kill list.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


John (Chris Pernell) looking upset
“John (Chris Pernell) looking upset,” Millennial Hunter, directed by Jason Shwartz, 2023, (Tubi)

Sixty years of age when we meet him and 67 when the film ends, John isn’t necessarily a stereotypical Boomer, but he is seeing the world change around him and doesn’t like the direction of it. So, he writes articles for a newspaper, tries to teach his son how to work on a car, and until his bubble is popped, he just tries to enjoy his life as much as he can.


Jessica (Eudora Peterson) trying to keep it cool as Daily AF takes over 6.American Resident Magazine
“Jessica (Eudora Peterson) trying to keep it cool as Daily AF takes over 6. American Resident Magazine,” Millennial Hunter, directed by Jason Shwartz, 2023, (Tubi)

Jessica is a Gen-Xer who feels caught in the middle between the way of the Boomer and that of the Millennial and does her best to play both sides. However, she related far more to those like John than this up-and-coming generation, even if she can code-switch and be amongst them.

Jak-E Wak-E

A close up of Jak-E Wak-E (Carmen Christopher)
“A close up of Jak-E Wak-E (Carmen Christopher),” Millennial Hunter, directed by Jason Shwartz, 2023, (Tubi)

Jak-E Wak-E is an influencer who, for content, kills people – especially boomers.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

Who Is This For?

Those who want to see Boomers fight back, and also kill in masse.


The Kills

Note: Nothing John does is at the level of John Wick, “Atomic Blonde,” or anything like that, but there is something sort of cool yet also comedic about how he takes people out. Whether it is the massive amounts of decapitations, stabbings, using a bow and arrow, or how he snaps one character’s neck, while you can find far more violent animated movies and live action, it is interesting enough to keep you engaged.

Gets to The Point

With being a little more than an hour, you cannot say at all that “Millennial Hunter” wastes any time. It establishes who John is and what his goal and motives are, may sprinkle in a supporting character or two, give them some development, but it knows what you came here for. You came to see Millennials get killed, and it isn’t going to bore you with details you don’t want. It’s going to get to you seeing stereotypical Millennials get murdered in various ways.

On The Fence

The Jokes About Generations Are Uninspiring

While comedy is subjective, at best, the jokes in “Millennial Hunter” are corny dad jokes. Which fits because John is a dad and is old school, so he doesn’t necessarily feel the need to punch up his comedy with an expletive. With that said, they aren’t new dad jokes you may have never heard before or the kind you’d want to spread on social media. They just make you roll your eyes and also make you glad that John isn’t looking for a laugh or trying to make a catchphrase.

You’ll Care More About What Happens Than Who It Happens To

Yes, there are supporting characters like Jessica, who is John’s friend. But, as noted in the highlights, “Millennial Hunter” isn’t trying to pretend you really care about these characters. This is a one-off movie with little to no promotion beyond a trailer, so it just wants to give you what the title promises. So whether it is Jessica, John’s son, or his adversaries, you get what you need to know whose side they are on and a little personality. But no one is crafted to be complex or, for those who are John’s allies, you aren’t pushed to worry that so-and-so may die because there isn’t a real push for that level of investment.

The Lack of Back and Forth In Fights

While John is 67 by the time he becomes a serial killer, he is a Vince McMahon, WWE-type of 67. So with that in mind, you can understand him being able to easily take people out if they don’t see him coming. However, for the final fights, he doesn’t face normal people. There are people who can stretch like Mr. Fantastic, who can do mind control, excel with throwing any kind of object, and have a laugh that can blow out your ear drums. With those four, you’d think the movie was going to escalate things and give us a quality back-and-forth and push John to his limits, but it doesn’t.

Yes, he struggles for a minute, but then he turns the page like he wasn’t just nursing a series of wounds within the last few days or maybe even a week.


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Answers to some questions you may have regarding this movie:

The Reason The Movie Is Named Millennial Hunter

Because John’s main focus is killing the millennials, who destroyed his life, and the culture and industries he holds dear.

Does Millennial Hunter Setup A Sequel or Prequel?

No. How John grew up isn’t talked about much, beyond noting his dad going to war, but exploring that feels unnecessary. Then, as for how the film ends, yes, his worst nightmare comes to pass, even though he thinks he is going to have a happy ending, but it doesn’t push the need for a sequel.

Does Millennial Hunter Have A Mid-Credit or End-Credit Scene?

There is an end-credit scene featuring a character who you are shown killed multiple times throughout the movie.

How Does Millennial Hunter End?

John learns his son is alive; he destroys the Daily AF building and kills its board members and its CEO. He then lives happily ever after with Jessica, her daughter, and his son. Well, outside of his son taking a selfie at their destroyed home, which upsets him. Oh, and the person who killed his wife, one of the many siblings who take on the moniker of “Jak-E Wak-E,” might still be alive. Though, considering they barely put up much of a fight, that isn’t something to be worried about.

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Millennial Killer Overview


Millennial Killer is arguably a wild ride that may not make for the most interesting journey, but because it is short, it is fun and leaves you without much to seriously complain about.

  • Plot and Dialog - 78%
  • Character Development and Performances - 79%
  • Pacing - 82.5%
  • Value For Intended Audience - 85%
  • The Kills - 82%
  • Gets to The Point - 83%
  • The Jokes About Generations Are Uninspiring - 72%
  • You’ll Care More About What Happens Than Who It Happens To - 74%
  • The Lack of Back and Forth In Fights - 73%
User Review
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  • Gets to The Point
  • The Kills


  • The Lack of Back and Forth In Fights
  • You’ll Care More About What Happens Than Who It Happens To
  • The Jokes About Generations Are Uninspiring

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