Until We Meet Again is a little bit all over the place. Mainly due to how it plays with the different genres it pursues.

Director(s) Pece Dingo
Screenplay By Pece Dingo
Date Released 2/15/2022
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Genre(s) Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult, Musical
Duration 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Cast
Lisa Janel Parrish
Eddie Jackson Rathbone
Louie Antonio Fargas
Angel Leslie Jordan

Film Summary

21-year-old musician, Lisa Wagner, has just gotten out of a relationship and has lucked into an old house to recuperate and work on new material. However, lingering about, more than a mouse, is the former owner of the house, Eddie Conway, a musician who died at the age of 20 and isn’t too fond of uninvited guests. Yet, there is something different about Lisa, and it seems, after decades of pursuing and enjoying solitude, Eddie may once more try to reconnect with the living for however long he has left.

Other Noteworthy Information

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Cursing, drinking, smoking, nudity, and (bare behind – male)



Leslie Jordan Is Comical

Angel (Leslie Jordan), Louie (Antonio Fargas), and Lisa (Janel Parrish) in Until We Meet Again
Angel (Leslie Jordan), Louie (Antonio Fargas), and Lisa (Janel Parrish)

If you are a fan of Leslie Jordan’s humor, you’ll love nearly every scene he appears in throughout Until We Meet Again. Him shaming Eddie, disagreeing with his partner Louie – like an old married couple, it isn’t outright hilarious, but it will tickle you a bit. I would even say it makes you wish Jordan got more than supporting roles like this but got to be a full-fledged star.

The Soothing Sounds Of Piano Music

While multiple songs are performed throughout the film, it is the piano music, Eddie’s claim to fame, that you’ll mainly be taken by. As the chords soothe you, it makes Rathbone’s pursuit of being old Hollywood charming a bit more easy to accept as the music supports the attempt to come off suave. Though, I would also say the music can soothe you into drifting off if you’re not careful.

Low Points

When Things Start To Get Crazy

For reasons I can’t fully fathom, Until We Meet Again takes a hard left towards the end and starts pushing itself towards thriller territory. It’s unexpected, jarring, and not necessarily welcomed, considering how much it feels like getting slapped with a wet hand.

On The Fence

Eddie and Lisa

When it comes to Eddie and Lisa, they aren’t a butterfly-inducing couple, but you can appreciate their commonality and the vulnerability both have. Eddie hasn’t been close to another person in decades and is still reeling from how he died and what he lost because of his death. Lisa is dealing with a relationship that went south, and her career is not progressing as she wants to.

In some ways, this is the perfect misery loves company type of pairing, yet as they become friends and grow close, you realize this is a slow burn type of match. One that doesn’t fizzle after the initial encounter and requires a grand gesture to finish strong, but rather two people who have to get through their own issues to even be ready to pursue anything with another person.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

When it comes to Until We Meet Again, the main struggle you may have is that it doesn’t desire to do anything quickly. Eddie isn’t introduced as soon as Lisa moves into this new house. The relationship between the two doesn’t spark soon after, and when you combine that with the elevator-style piano music? It makes it so you become heavily reliant on Leslie Jordan popping up with a quip or two.

Despite our criticism, which includes a scene in the latter half of the movie which serves its purpose, yet you’d wish it was handled differently, we sort of like Until We Meet Again. I wouldn’t say that it’s something everyone else could easily get into, but if you are patient, don’t need a whirlwind, love of my life romance, then Until We Meet Again could be fore you.

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Movie Poster - Until We Meet Again (2022)
Until We Meet Again (2022) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)
Until We Meet Again is for those who appreciate films that aren’t in a rush and want to take their time for you to see relationships develop and you getting to know the characters.
Leslie Jordan Is Comical
The Soothing Sounds Of Piano Music
When Things Start To Get Crazy
Eddie and Lisa

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