The Musical tag features both those who burst into song in front of you on stage or from the comfort of wherever you are.

The Brink Of (2024) Movie Review

“The Brink Of” may have a few catchy indie pop songs, but the will they or won’t they at the heart of it may not win too many over.

Música (2024) Movie Review

In “Música,” Rudy Mancuso may not reinvent the musical genre but gives something different enough to revive your love for the genre if it has left you jaded.

The Color Purple (2023) – Movie Review

Between the music and performances, the 2023 version of “The Color Purple” does enough to stand out, but it sometimes falters if you compare it to the 1985 movie.

Boop! The Musical – Review

While many classic Betty Boop characters are missing in this musical, between the background animation, Angelica Hale, the comedic moments, and nostalgia, you’ll enjoy “Boop! The Musical.”

Wish (2023) – Movie Review/Summary

“Wish” seems like it was made for Disney Plus as part of Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration, but someone had enough faith in it to garner a theatrical release.

Alex Newell: Live at Kean University – Review

In what can be seen as a mini-career and life retrospective, Tony Winner Alex Newell walks their audience through some of their favorites Broadway numbers, including those they made a hit.