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The Brink Of (2024) Movie Review

“The Brink Of” may have a few catchy indie pop songs, but the will they or won’t they at the heart of it may not win too many over.

Parachute (2024) Movie Review

In “Parachute,” we’re reminded how love and romance isn’t a cure but sometimes a drug to alleviate symptoms.

Project Dorothy (2024) – Movie Review

An isolated AI finds themselves luckily being in the company of two criminals who can potentially give them freedom, if they are foolish enough to let them out.

Share? (2023) – Movie Review/Summary

While “Share?” may lack answers some people may crave from a film like this, it feels like a “Black Mirror” inspired movie that undoubtedly is enjoyable.

Barber (2023) – Review and Summary

“Barber” has two competing lead storylines, between its lead character’s personal life and case, that conflict and don’t complement each other well.

The Tutor (2023) – Movie Review

The Tutor gives Garret Hedlund and Noah Schnapp a chance to play victim and avenger. While the film’s suspense and thrills can be underwhelming, the final twist is memorable.

Unseen (2023) – Review/ Summary

With thrills and actors who more than deserve your attention, “Unseen” is a horror/ thriller that will make you glad that it isn’t platform exclusive.

Disquiet (2023) – Review/ Summary

“Disquiet” gives “Angels of Death” vibes, as we watch a man try to escape a hospital with monsters who all want to kill him and some who may be friends or foes.