There’s more to Derek Pike’s slasher thriller “Model House” than meets the eye.

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“Model House” Plot Summary

“Model House” is a quick B-movie thriller that features hot models confronting a home invasion. But “Model House” thankfully treats its characters and exposition with more respect and agency than the common straight-to-video horror flick. While the movie may leave diehard fans of the grindhouse genre wanting more, writer and director Derek Pike knows the movie he wants to make, and he uses his setting to his utmost advantage. 

The first model we meet in “Model House” is Zoe (CoryAnne Roberts), a model hired under short notice after the last woman was struck by a car. The modeling gig is also Zoe’s first professional photo shoot, and while she wishes it was under better circumstances, she’s determined to prove herself. Zoe is reassured of her talent by Nadia (Kyra Santoro), a more seasoned model who looks out for others. The two are accompanied by three other women, Trudy (Hailee Keanna Lautenbach), Sydney (Natalie Nootenboom), and Carla (Priscilla Huggins Ortiz), as they all stay in the same house for the modeling job. 

model house 3 scaled
Zoey (CoryAnne Roberts) is nervous staying in the “Model House” (directed by Derek Pike, 2024)

The women spend their night drinking, dancing, soaking in the hot tub, and always making sure they’re taking enough photos for social media. As they learn about each other’s troubles and insecurities, they bond all the more for it. But their night of bonding takes a nasty turn when two masked invaders break into their house and hold them hostage at gunpoint. What do these intruders want? How did they know where these models were staying? And who survives? “Model House” answers these questions over the course of the night with a bloody exclamation mark. 

“Model House” can be campy, sexy, preachy, and even suspenseful. The movie does a lot in less than 90 minutes, but not necessarily enough to be memorable in any of its horror subgenres. But like the naive Zoe, you root for “Model House” and the whole cast and crew behind it. If they were able to survive making a movie on a shoestring budget, they’re all a bit stronger for it.  

Content Information

“Model House” is not rated but includes profanity, drinking, smoking, violence, sexual situations, and nudity. 

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. Writer and director Derek Pine has an established career making music videos.
  2. CorryAnne Roberts is a noted model from “America’s Next Top Model.”

“Model House” General Information

Director Derek Pike
Screenplay By Derek Pike
Date Released April 5, 2024
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Genre Thriller
Film Length 1 Hour, 24  Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Characters and Cast
Zoe CoryAnne Roberts
Nadia Kyra Santoro
Trudy Hailee Keanna Lautenbach
Sydney Natalie Nootenboom
Carla Priscilla Huggins Ortiz

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Zoe (CoryAnne Roberts)

As the newcomer on her first modeling gig, Zoe is shy, nervous, and eager to please. While Zoe is booksmart and has a passion for biology, she’s naive about the modeling world and social media. 

  • The actor is also known for their role in “America’s Next Top Model.”

Nadia (Kyra Santoro)

Nadia is the most experienced model and the friendliest towards Zoe. Nadia is going through her own relationship woes, but she makes sure the house feels inclusive for all. Nadia is also weary of who Zoe talks to online and wants to look out for her. 

  • The actor is also known for their role in “The Orville.”

Trudy (Hailee Keanna Lautenbach)

Trudy is the most outgoing of the model gang. She’s blunt, crass, and always down to have some fun or pull a prank.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Turnt.”

Sydney (Natalie Nootenboom)

Sydney was closest to the model who died, and she is coping with her friend’s death. She also struggles with feeling included and being seen as beautiful. 

Carla (Priscilla Huggins Ortiz)

Carla is a Puerto Rican model who loves her boyfriend, but she also makes money on the side by posing for guys online. 

model house
The models of “Model House” all together (Directed by Derek Pike, 2024)

“Model House” Review

Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

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“Model House” Makes the Most of Its Models and House

Filmmaker Derek Pike gives his female characters more agency than what’s common in classic slashers. While CoryAnne Roberts and company may walk around in bikinis, we get some insight into who each person is, and none of the characters are treated as dumb or malicious. “Model House” is mostly contained in its house setting but knows how to turn its singular set into a maze of suspense, danger, and refuge all at once. 

model house 2

On The Fence

Pacing Issues

In the last 20 minutes, “Model House” runs with a knife and gun, slicing and shooting at just about everyone. While most horror movies have bloody finishes, this one comes at the cost of suspense. Some scenes they choose to spend time on are baffling (did we need that much insight into the masked villains’ family life?) and the models’ background stories don’t tie together in a way that could have served the plot better (Zoe’s father issues, Sydney’s loss of a friend, Carla’s potential boyfriend, etc.). 

May Disappoint Genre Fans

“Model House” can be campy in its depiction of models and Hollywood, but it also takes time to show Zoe or Sydney share a vulnerable moment. The contrast in tones doesn’t work too well when we’re supposed to empathize with the deaths of characters we were just laughing at. “Model House” subverts expectations if you’re wanting a B-movie slasher, but it doesn’t do enough to rise to a drama or a cautionary tale about social media. It fits somewhere in between all these worlds, possibly satisfying none of them.

Good If You Like

  • Thrillers, home invasion movies, and horror movies on a budget. 

model house movie


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model house 1
Model House (2024) Review: Not an Empty Display
The movie does a lot in less than 90 minutes, but not necessarily enough to be memorable in any of its horror subgenres. But like the naive Zoe, you root for “Model House” and the whole cast and crew behind it.
“Model House” Makes the Most of Its Models and House
Pacing Issues
May Disappoint Genre Fans

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