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Andrea Bang stars in “Float,” which puts a dry romance front and center over all the ways this could have been intriguing.

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Title Card - Float

Plot Summary

For almost all of Waverly’s life, she has been distant from her parents. Part of it was their focus on her education, but combine that with them leaving her in America, at a boarding school, while they returned to Taipei, and that has only furthered the sense of isolation – even if her mother calls on a consistent basis.

Now, in the summer before Waverly starts a residency at a hospital in Toronto, it has been four years since she last saw her parents, and while she hoped to visit them, instead she is given the opportunity to intern in Toronto before her residency instead. On her way from her home base of Chicago, she stops by her aunt Rachel’s home in Holden, and what was originally supposed to be a day or two, a layover, becomes longer as Rachel gives Waverly a sense of family, community, and Waverly begins to fall for Rachel’s neighbor Blake.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Nothing Notable
  • Sexual Content: Sexual Situations (Implied)
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking, Drug Use (Implied)

General Information


Sherren Lee

Screenplay By

Sherren Lee, Jesse Lavercombe

Based On Work By

Kate Marchant

Date Released

February 9, 2024

How To Watch

Video On Demand


Comedy, Romance, Young Adult

Film Length

1 Hour 40 Minutes

Content Rating

Rated PG-13

Noted Characters and Cast


Andrea Bang


Michelle Krusiec


Robbie Amell

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Waverly (Andrea Bang)

Waverly (Andrea Bang) frustrated by her parents
“Waverly (Andrea Bang) frustrated by her parents,” Float, directed by Sherren Lee, 2024, (Lionsgate)

Originally from Taipei, with a home base in Chicago, Waverly was raised to be a doctor and has been the best daughter she could be. However, as she reaches the final stretch towards becoming a doctor, she finds herself not questioning her final destination, but what has she done with her life beyond trying to make her mother proud?

Rachel (Michelle Krusiec)

Rachel (Michelle Krusiec) joking with Waverly
“Rachel (Michelle Krusiec) joking with Waverly,” Float, directed by Sherren Lee, 2024, (Lionsgate)

Rachel is Waverly’s aunt, a divorcee who enjoys drawing, her small town, and working at a local bar.

Blake (Robbie Amell)

Blake (Robbie Amell) under water with Waverly
“Blake (Robbie Amell) underwater with Waverly,” Float, directed by Sherren Lee, 2024, (Lionsgate)

Blake is an older brother and the guardian of his sister, and is a lifeguard in Holden.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Code 8.”


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What Could Have Been Regarding Waverly’s Family Dynamics

Most of the movie focuses on Waverly getting adjusted to Holden, meeting the community Rachel has built, and falling for Blake. However, the part that drives the most interest is Waverly’s relationship with her mom.

Why is this? Well, because it is the one part of the movie that feels like it has something unique to say. Seeing Waverly avoid her mother and how there is some sort of fear-based reverence for her makes you hope the two will come face to face and won’t just be a series of phone calls.

Never mind, considering how Waverly has seemingly been on autopilot forever, her confronting the absence of her mom (her dad is barely mentioned) is something you anticipate. Take note, Waverly is an immigrant child. Rachel tells her that her mom would have preferred a boy (due to the challenges women have), and there is just so much that could have been unpacked.

On The Fence

The Romance

Blake (Robbie Amell) and Waverly (Andrea Bang) having a moment after a swimming lesson
“Blake (Robbie Amell) and Waverly (Andrea Bang) having a moment after a swimming lesson,” Float, directed by Sherren Lee, 2024, (Lionsgate)

I didn’t see Blake and Waverly as two people who had chemistry. If anything, they seemed like two people stunted because of the absence of their parents and having to grow up too soon, and while that could have led to an interesting dynamic between them, it didn’t.

Ultimately, what we get is two attractive actors paired together, whose characters bond over issues with their upbringing, or lack thereof, but the romance seems built on lack of experience being close with another person, especially of the opposite sex, than anything romantic.

Everything Going On In Holden

Aunt Rachel has a story, from her immigrating, her ex-husband deciding to live in Holden, and more, that gets swept under the rug. Her role is just to give some insight into Waverly’s mom and present reasons why Waverly should maybe consider changing her plans and living in Holden as she did.

Beyond her? While the characters are pleasant and fill out the community, it’s hard to get into their story. Whether it is Rachel’s pregnant co-worker, that person’s wife or brother, what is going on with Blake’s sister, or any of Holden’s other happenings.

All of it feels like time filler than anything worth getting invested in.


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Float – Movie Review


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

“Float” doesn’t deliver a quality romance, and while it has a perfectly good story regarding Waverly feeling abandoned, her aunt having the potential to do more than give minimal insight, anything that it could have compensated with is wasted. Thus, it gives us a lukewarm film that is not worth paying for on its own, whether as a rental or buying it.

  • What Could Have Been Regarding Waverly’s Family Dynamics - 82%
  • The Romance - 72%
  • Everything Going On In Holden - 73%


  • What Could Have Been Regarding Waverly’s Family Dynamics


  • Everything Going On In Holden
  • The Romance

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