“A Wesley Christmas Wedding” largely sets aside the drama experienced in the first movie and more so gives us laughs, love, and a touch of loneliness from a few.

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General Information

Director(s) Patricia Cuffie-Jones
Screenplay By Bree West, Chazitear
Date Released (BET Plus) November 2, 2023
Genre(s) Comedy


Film Length 1 Hour 33 Minutes
Content Rating Rated TV-14
Noted Characters and Cast
Todd Terayle Hill
Ryan Judi Johnson
Cydney Loren Lott
Kennedy Adara Lowery
Diana Valarie Pettiford
Taryn Loren Lowery
Chris Kevin Savage
Trina Kiki Haynes
Sylvia Jasmine Guy
Bryan Dorien Wilson
Ted Aaron D. Spears
Marcus TC Carson
Gloria Rolonda Rochelle

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Content Rating Explanation

“A Wesley Christmas Wedding” contains:

  • Dialog: Nothing notable
  • Violence: Nothing notable
  • Sexual Content: Nothing notable
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking

Film Summary

Unlike the first film, there aren’t much, if any, secrets or notable drama. In fact, “A Wesley Christmas Wedding” dismisses the two characters who clearly were meant to bring the drama early. Thus leaving us with a story in which Todd and Ryan, Cydney’s best friend, are getting married, and the only thing complicating their nuptials are Ryan’s mom, Diana, who is single and heavily invested in her daughter’s life.

As for everyone else? Marcus and Gloria are going strong a year later. Kennedy and Taryn do have a touch of drama going on in their life, but, like a lot of the drama presented in the film, it is quickly resolved. The same goes for Chris and Trina – to a point. Cydney is trying to navigate her career potentially conflicting with her new relationship, and as for Sylvia and Bryan? Well, Sylvia’s ex, Ted, makes an appearance and disturbs the peace a little bit, but again, he is swept away before he can overstay his welcome.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.


Todd (Terayle Hill)
“Todd (Terayle Hill),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

The groom, Todd has to face not only his ex but mother-in-law to give his fiancée the wedding she wants and deserves.


Ryan (Judi Johnson)
“Ryan (Judi Johnson),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

Cydney’s best friend, Todd’s fiancée, Ryan struggles with her mother, Diana, wanting the best for her, which really is what Diana wants. Which, mind you, with Diana being married twice, why she is gung-ho on planning out a third wedding surely can’t be living vicariously.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Double Cross.”


Cydney (Loren Lott)
“Cydney (Loren Lott),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

A talented singer, always ready with a smart comment, but unlike in the first movie, Cydney is a bit more open to love and romance, hence her being in a relationship


Diana (Valarie Pettiford)
“Diana (Valarie Pettiford),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

Once divorced, now widowed, Diana has put all of her attention on Ryan, and with her being Diana’s everything, she wants the best for her. Add in she is paying for Ryan’s wedding, which gives her yet another incentive to make things how she wants them.


Kennedy (Adara Lowery)
“Kennedy (Adara Lowery),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

Kennedy, like her sister, is 18, in college, and she currently is pursuing dating – but the boy may not be that into her.


Taryn (Loren Lowery)
“Taryn (Loren Lowery),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

With still having a passion for fashion, Taryn is beginning to question whether, like many a mogul, it might be time to drop out of school and make it on her own.


Chris, Tarym and Kennedy’s father, Trina’s husband, has a much calmer life now. However, his wife and kids keep him from having total peace.


Trina (Kiki Haynes)
“Trina (Kiki Haynes),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

After having a child, with being a stepmom and a husband, Trina is trying to roll with the punches, but she is getting overwhelmed to the point it is making her aggravated.


Sylvia (Jasmine Guy) and Gloria (Rolonda Rochelle)
“Sylvia (Jasmine Guy) and Gloria (Rolonda Rochelle),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

The matriarch of the family who finds herself trying to be nice to an ex and try to rein in her feelings regarding Diana not letting her son and future daughter have their wedding their way.


Marcus (TC Carson) and Bryan (Dorien Wilson)
“Marcus (TC Carson) and Bryan (Dorien Wilson),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

At this point, Bryan is just chilling. His kids don’t have any drama he needs to be involved in, his friends are good, so outside of Sylvia’s ex being around, Bryan is relaxed.


Ted (Aaron D. Spears)
“Ted (Aaron D. Spears),” A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding, directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, 2023, (BET Plus)

A doctor turned philanthropist and writer, Ted finds himself running into Sylvia and seemingly being unable to let go of her again.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Stock Option.”


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Notable Performances or Moments

Quickly Getting Rid Of The Drama

I don’t know about you, but I always found it weird how dramatic Christmas movies can be. Yes, family is complicated, and then add in people’s spouses and friends coming over, and it can be way too many personalities in one place. Yet, Christmas movies turn up the dial and either make you glad your family isn’t as dramatic or remind you of why you dread this time of year.

But, in “A Wesley Christmas Wedding,” all the characters who could cause major drama either they are dismissed rather quickly or given a sense of humanity in such a way that allows you to give them grace. It’s weird in a way and certainly rushed, but considering their presence could have been a bane on the film, quickly using them to end storylines or start subplots and then removing them works.


A Push To Understand How Loneliness Makes People Act Selfishly

When it comes to Ted and Diana, you’re pushed to understand why a lot of people get sad or depressed during the holiday season. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, to Christmas and New Years, there is a lot of reflection going on and the need to take a look at who and what is part of your community. Do you have friends and family or co-workers who are placeholders for that?

When it comes to love, is it passionate and healthy, or someone there because of how much time you have spent together thus far, and there is a certain amount of dependency that comes with that? As you watch Ted and Diana operate, often in ways most wouldn’t agree with, it pushes you to understand and see their desperation.

The Wesley family has so much, whether blood-related or chosen, that it’s not hard to envy what they have or be fearful you won’t fit in. Then, considering both people have been through divorce and have money but minimal significant relationships, you get it. You check off the boxes many people have, and yet here you are, reliant on someone else to validate your existence and hoping they’ll make you feel whole.

On The Fence

The Majority Of The Storylines

To be frank, outside of Todd and Ryan’s storyline, including Diana, I couldn’t get into most of the plots within “A Wesley Christman Wedding.” Some of it just deals with not caring much, like Cydney’s singing career conflicting with her relationship. Now, why do we feel that way? Well, because the conflict was lukewarm.

Just as we see Todd’s ex quickly dismissed, almost like her appearance was an obligation, it does feel like, for the majority of the characters, their drama was an obligation to give them something. Trina, for example, is post-partum and isn’t getting the consistent help she needs from Chris; you can tell that is an issue. Yet, like so much in this film, while addressed, it is done so in a way so that the film can quickly move on and refocus on Todd and Ryan’s situation.

For some, I can imagine this being frustrating, especially after what the family went through in the first movie. Yet, at the same time, I appreciate the stronger storylines getting most of the focus and the subplots, while feeling obligatory, allowing the actors to have a job and have the potential to maybe get back into the spotlight for the inevitable third movie.

After all, would you prefer something that is lukewarm and keeps them around or drama that seems forced upon the characters so they can appear interesting when really, there is just an effort to justify keeping them around – mainly for entertainment.

Who Is This For?

Those who love Christmas movies about family and a decent amount of family drama.


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How Did “A Wesley Christmas Wedding” End? (Ending Explained)

You’re Dismissed

Todd’s ex is paid off so that she’ll sign the divorce papers, Kennedy’s boyfriend is dismissed once it is clear that he is just using her, and Ted eventually leaves after he finds the courage to reveal he is only around due to his guilt regarding dogging Sylvia out while they were together in high school.

Mommie Dearest

It’s revealed that Diana, twice divorced, latches onto Ryan so hard because she is the only consistent thing in her life. Also, her belief that Christmas is tacky is likely due to her last notable relationship ending, due to death, around Christmas. But, with Todd pushing her to see what Ryan wants and would make her happy, Diana backs down, and Ryan has the wedding she wanted.

Love Is Easy If You Try

Trina and Chris are having slight issues because of Chris not being proactive with the baby, which is causes Trina to go into a bit of a decline. What doesn’t help is Kennedy’s boyfriend, who eventually leaves, or Taryn wanting to drop out of school. But, after a series of conversations, it seems those issues are resolved.

Switching to Cydney, the issue with her career vs. relationship stems from two things: The first being her boyfriend isn’t pro having a long-distance relationship since he is an attorney and already has to work to make time for Sydney, and it only gets more complicated with her on the road. What doesn’t help, and is the second thing, is that Cydney’s manager clearly has feelings for her and is pushing her boundaries far more than she would like. Thankfully, though, Cydney’s boyfriend sees Cydney check her manager, reassuring him.

Which leaves one last story: Gloria and Marcus, for about a year now, have been together, and while Marcus still isn’t opening up much in group therapy and has his struggles, Gloria recognizes and appreciates the effort. In turn, Marcus appreciates her and proposes. They take over the wedding Diana planned for Ryan when Todd and Ryan decide to do something small, fitting towards their taste. Thus leaving us with two newlywed couples.

Is There Sequel/ Prequel Potential?

Absolutely. Cydney isn’t married and had a pregnancy scare in the film, so the next film can finish her arc from someone who was very “Meh” on relationships to someone married and pregnant. As for everyone else? It could be interesting to see how Todd and Ryan handle having someone like Cydney as a sister and best friend involved in their relationship.

But, in terms of the rest of the cast? Not much is really set up to get giddy about. Yes, Taryn shows, through making Ryan’s dress, that she is ready to get into fashion beyond her education. However, the twins never were a focal point, and when it comes to those we haven’t named, the only thing that can be done is crafting new, and potentially final, stories for them to play out.

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A Wesley Family Christmas Wedding (2023) – Overview


With the feeling this likely will become a trilogy, one can only hope and imagine BET Plus finishes this on a high note, as this feels like the perfect Christmas movie to start the 2023 holiday season.

  • Quickly Getting Rid Of The Drama - 85%
  • A Push To Understand How Loneliness Makes People Act Selfishly - 83%
  • The Majority Of The Storylines - 73%
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  • A Push To Understand How Loneliness Makes People Act Selfishly
  • Quickly Getting Rid Of The Drama


  • The Majority Of The Storylines

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