In the season 2 finale, as the cast universally experiences growth, one or two shockers remind us that maturing doesn’t mean becoming a bore.

Episode Name The Right And Wrong Time
Directed By Felischa Marye
Written By Felischa Marye
Aired (BET+) 4/22/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Dr. Jordan Farris Jasmine Guy

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This Relationship Stuff Is Trash – Tracey, Vince, Veronica, Layne, Deon, Shoshana

Tracey, Veronica, and Vince are all over their relationships. Tracey is over Aaron cheating, Veronica feels Ken wanted to date an idea, not necessarily her, and Vince? Well, when it comes to Shoshana, it seems he feels that he can’t shine if all of his shine comes from Shoshana investing in him. So, he breaks up with her rather than talk it out because that’s where everyone seems to be at. Damn a conversation, just cut them off.

Tracey noting she isn't in the mood for sympathy
Tracey noting she isn’t in the mood for sympathy

But, at the very least, Layne and Deon are doing well since they are willing to talk things out. In fact, things are going so well for them that Layne is thinking of getting back in her designing bag, and Deon is looking into opening his own firm.

Healing, Reconciling, Yet Still Having A Long Way To Go – Aaron, Tracey, Veronica

With learning she was played by the producers, Tracey decides to do two things. The first thing is to quit the show, in a grand fashion, and reconcile with Aaron enough to clear the air but not get back together with him. For with realizing how their baggage makes her insecure, and maybe her having a few issues when in relationships in general, she thinks she needs to be single. Perhaps learn a bit from Veronica in terms of not giving yourself and everything you are when in a relationship.

Welcome To Therapy – Deon, Layne, Dr. Farris, Liberty

So, with the money Debbie gave her, Layne has finally gone to therapy and made a few other changes in her life. For example, she made Liberty the store manager and, with Deon’s help, has rearranged funds so that they can hire her some official help. Also, Layne has officially got into repurposing vintage clothes, like she did for Billie Eilish, and is going to make a whole line of it. Which, if Liberty has her way, will be sold in-store and online.

But, while professionally, things are improving, there remains the major personal issues Layne is going through – specifically with Deon. You see, whether it is their engagement or now being married, keeping that a secret weighs on Layne. Mind you, she gets Deon may have some fear that the friend group won’t approve or blow up because of their relationship, but it seems Layne rather weather the storm than try to hide how they feel, what they are, and hope for the best.

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People Starting To Realize What They Really Want

While it appears no one is in their mid or late 20s, there is a need to remember that part of growing up is about learning both what you want and what you don’t want. With Veronica, she came to realize that while she doesn’t want to live in an empty house, at the same time, she doesn’t want a man who is either not on her level or trying to control the situation. Hence her thinking about having a kid, since she was able to bond well with the child of one of her tenants.

Now, does that come with a whole slew of new issues? ABSOLUTELY! However, between adoption, fostering, maybe asking Vince for some sperm (it could happen), she has options. Of which, since it seems she is planning for a nursery, it seems a sperm donor is high up on the list.

Then, with Tracey, admittedly, I don’t recall her background much, but it does appear that she has this concept of #CoupleGoals and building an empire with her significant other etched into how she views relationships. So with that in mind, it seems she realizes she needs to change the blueprint to get what she wants and needs. Otherwise, she’ll keep repeating her pattern.

Couples Therapy

Layne's wedding ring
Layne’s wedding ring

Seeing Black people in therapy, in general, is a positive thing. For as much as there conversations about mental health, seeing how the process is and even expanding what it can be used for, like couples therapy, is important. Mind you, are there other avenues that also should be looked into? Of course. However, the main idea here is to present options beyond ways to avoid or distract you from issues that sometimes need to be confronted to change.

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People Starting To Realize What They Really Want - 84%
Couples Therapy - 85%


With Tracey focusing on herself, Veronica desiring a child, Vince pushing towards his next chapter, alongside Deon and Layne progressing in their career and getting married? Oh, season 2 ends with you wanting more.

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