The Ms. Pat Show: Season 3 – Review/ Summary

“The Ms. Pat Show” stays the course as it explores more challenging themes and perceptions and seeks a balance between laughter and processing trauma.

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J. Bernard Calloway as Terry

Plot Summary

From the drama that can happen behind the curtain to comedians, emotional and physical cheating, someone from Ms. Pat’s past showing up, to Terry’s struggles with Ms. Pat’s rise, it was an eventful season.



Community Rating: 75% (1 votes)

Our Rating: Positive (Watch This)

Notable Performances, Moments, or Episodes

Episodes To Anticipate

Trina (Inayah Shahid)
“Trina (Inayah Shahid),” The Ms. Pat Show, “Da Baddest Trip,” directed by Jordan E. Cooper, Kelly Park, 2023, (BET Plus)
  • Episode 3: When Junebug thinks he got a girl pregnant, and Ms. Pat tells off Tony Free and blows up her career, in a good way
  • Episode 5: Cousin Trina reminds you of where Ms. Pat came from and why she moved to Indiana. But, at the same time, while she is comical and brings the drama, there are layers to her that I don’t think get explored enough when it comes to Black women in scripted shows.


It’s Funny, But It Makes Clear That Life Isn’t All Fun And Games

I don’t think any comedy beyond “The Ms. Pat Show” knows how to balance jokes like Janelle accidentally sending nudes to her mom and having Denise get into multiple fights, with Terry struggling with the shifts in his household and marriage. Yet, this show reminds you that laughing is a survival method to keep from crying.

Life Goes On

Ms. Pat and Briyana Guadalupe as Janelle
“Ms. Pat and Briyana Guadalupe as Janelle,” The Ms. Pat Show | Season 3/ Episode 6 “Nudes & Dudes” | Directed by Mary Lou Belli | 2023 | Bet Plus

One of the things I’ll always appreciate about “The Ms. Pat Show” is that, generally speaking, the episodes aren’t self-contained. Things from past seasons can be brought up, like Ms. Pat’s abortion, Brandon being a stripper, you name it. Nothing is forgotten after the episode or season is over.

Mind you, old things are usually brought up mainly in arguments, but it is always great and feels like a reward when shows, the writers specifically, reference not just the highlights but even some things you may have forgotten.

But, even setting aside the past, I also love the forward momentum. Junebug is dating, even thought he got a White girl pregnant, Janelle is prepping for college, Brandon is trying to find a day job, and both Terry and Ms. Pat’s careers are progressing.


We live during a time when people feel inundated by Black trauma. I’ll admit, with watching as much as I do, sometimes it can make films like “How I Learned To Fly” draining to the point of wanting levity and even feeling like trauma is too accessible and marketed, with the idea that Black art doesn’t have value unless pain is depicted.

But, you can’t hide and shouldn’t always seek escapism. As shown by Trina, someone who has lived a tough life, there is balance and while it is hard to look at, reflect, even remember your struggles, which characters like Trina can trigger, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye. Yes, her dealing with her mom having her in prison, multiple kids, and financial struggles doesn’t make for the fun time you expect when watching a comedy like “The Ms. Pat Show.” However, you can’t have the jokes that make this show without acknowledging and seeing what is derives from. Which Trina gives us in a way that isn’t made to be easily consumable as the * hits the fan.

On The Fence

Sometimes, How It Handles Serious Topics and Situations Needs More Time Than It Gives

“The Ms. Pat Show” isn’t an open-and-shut show. It does allow certain issues, like Terry slowly becoming addicted to opioids, sit for a few episodes. Generally, no topic lasts more than two episodes, but you have to remember, the show is a comedy, so while it will take a serious beat, it will bounce back quickly.

Lisa Vidal as Michelle
“Lisa Vidal as Michelle,” The Ms. Pat Show, “Body Aches and Booty Shakes,” directed by Mary Lou Belli, 2023, (BET Plus)

As of the season finale, the opioid storyline is still in progress and isn’t noted in the Christmas special. However, one thing that doesn’t feel like it should have been open and shut is Terry’s emotional affair. For multiple episodes, his job is focused on, from impressing his boss, Max, to the HR person, Michelle, taking a liking to him. It is perhaps the most consistent investment we’ve seen in a character’s arc that wasn’t built around a joke.

Max (Jaleel White)
“Max (Jaleel White)” The Ms. Pat Show, “Ain’t No Party…,” directed by Mary Lou Belli, 2023, (BET+)

Yet, as it becomes clear Michelle is willing to cross a line, we get one blowup, and that’s it. There is no exploring the blowback at the office, her being reprimanded; it is just cut off. In some ways, I get it, for they already built up Terry’s work life, down to having Ms. Pat show up to a function and Denise date Max for a bit. But considering how Michelle was the start of Terry’s downfall or a reminder he isn’t perfect? Her just being a catalyst and then being removed felt off.

Who Is This For?

Fans of comedy that isn’t politically correct have no love for respectability politics and want to present something real – at least regarding the lives of the characters. For with “The Ms. Pat Show,” there aren’t ideals involved, just people adjusting to new environments and circumstances and trying to shake off old demons and avoid new issues.

What I Hope To See

Ms. Pat
“Ms. Pat,” The Ms. Pat Show | Season 3/ Episode 8 “Twenty-Seven Side Pieces” | Directed by Kelly Park | 2023 | Bet Plus

I feel like “The Ms. Pat Show” has the comedy down pat, no pun intended, but as it dives into more divisive and challenging topics, I hope to see it be able to bring that sort of realness but not always resolve it quickly.

Yes, Ms. Pat has built a career from making the messed up things that happened to and around her funny, but as shown with the Trina episode, while comedy does bring levity, it can mask hard feelings at times. So, while I don’t want this to become a drama by any means for future seasons, I would like to see more arcs and season-long issues or storylines across the board.

Terry’s storyline is the perfect example as he went through learning about his dad, trying to get a promotion, dealing with the shift in his marriage, and having an emotional affair. I think other characters could use extended arcs like that.

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Ms. Pat

Patricia Williams


J. Bernard Calloway


Theodore Barnes

Tony Free

Don “DC” Curry


Inayah Shahid


Briyana Guadalupe


Vince Swann


Jaleel White


Lisa Vidal


Tami Roman

Episode Listing

Series Page

Series Character Guide

Season 3/ Episode 1 “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”

Season 3/ Episode 2 “Pat on Tour”

Season 3/ Episode 3 “Down With The King”

Season 3/ Episode 4 “Ain’t No Party…”

Season 3/ Episode 5 “Da Baddest Trip”

Season 3/ Episode 6 “Nudes & Dudes”

Season 3/ Episode 7 “Body Aches and Booty Shakes”

Season 3/ Episode 8 “Twenty-Seven Side Pieces”

Season 3/ Episode 9 “Pills and Chills”

Season 3/ Episode 10 “Father Christmas”

Renewal Status

“The Ms. Pat Show” is scheduled to have a 4th season, and, according to Ms. Pat, it would have likely premiered by now, or in January, if it wasn’t for the writers and actors strike.


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  1. “The Ms. Pat Show” doesn’t really have peers at the moment. Would you like to see more shows focused on culture shock, people with urban upbringings either adjusting or bringing who they are to different environments or other topics this show has covered?

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The Ms. Pat Show: Season 3 – Review


“The Ms. Pat Show” is in a league of its own with no real peer to compare it to. Which is unfortunate in some ways but also makes it unquestionable that it deserves a pedestal amongst the great comedies.

  • Sometimes, How It Handles Serious Topics and Situations Needs More Time Than It Gives - 75%
  • Trina - 83%
  • Life Goes On - 82%
  • It's Funny, But It Makes Clear That Life Isn't All Fun And Games - 81%


  • Trina
  • Life Goes On
  • It’s Funny, But It Makes Clear That Life Isn’t All Fun And Games


  • Sometimes, How It Handles Serious Topics and Situations Needs More Time Than It Gives

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