Janelle shows that her intelligence means nothing when crushing on a boy, as Terry repeatedly gets involved in Denise’s business and barely avoids awkward moments for her or himself.

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General Information

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BET Plus

Release Date

February 23, 2023


Mary Lou Belli


Vincent B. Bryant Jr.

Previously Noted Characters and Cast


Jaleel White


Jonathan Horne


Josh Dunn


Kerby Collins


J. Bernard Calloway


Tami Roman


Patricia Williams


Briyana Guadalupe

Plot Recap

With Ms. Pat’s video still going viral, she is excited about all the attention she has coming her way. This isn’t a feeling shared by Janelle. After being pressured by Trey’quan, she sends a topless photo. Thing is, she sent it to her mom by accident, instead of him, and to make matters worse, he sent her a nude but not of himself so, despite being Ms. Pat’s smart child, she is looking real dumb right now. But luckily for her, Ms. Pat is willing to overlook the nude and mainly focuses on Trey’quan trying to take advantage of her daughter.

Meanwhile, as Janelle is trying to hide her nudes and then stand up for herself, Terry is trying to figure a way to hold onto his potential promotion as Denise preps to break up with Max. He might be fun, but he drinks to the point of feeling like she’ll relapse sticking around him. So, with knowing how Denise is, Terry intercepts, and when he can’t convince Denise to say, he handles the breakup and still gets his promotion.

With this bit of good news, Terry tries to help Denise with her dating issue since she says she wants someone nice like Lee, and in Terry’s mind, that means that he should try to hook her back up with Lee. Thing is, Denise don’t want Lee, though he still wants her, so while Denise gets out of breaking up with Max, she does have to break Lee’s heart.

Discussion Items

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  1. Why in the world would Janelle send a nude of herself when she didn’t get a nude from him that was authentic? Is she book-smart but dumb in other areas?



Ms. Pat Not Getting Mad At Janelle For Being Young

Was Pat disappointed in Janelle? Without question. But one thing you have to appreciate is that she gave her daughter grace, joked about it a little bit, but didn’t use this moment to make her daughter feel small, make herself big, or any of that. She just recognized her daughter had to have a live and learn kind of moment.

Denise Letting Down Lee Softly And Him Accepting It

Denise has been through a lot and deserves the ability to relax and not be in situations that could trigger her. With that said, a lot of people can be a bit harsh with drawing boundaries, but thankfully, despite what Terry may sometimes think, Denise knows how to be soft and gentle with folk. It is just you got to prove you deserve the extra effort required.

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