The Ms. Pat Show: Season 3/ Episode 9 “Pills and Chills” – Episode Recap/ Review

In the pseudo-season finale of “The Ms. Pat Show,” while things may end with a nice little bow, there is no denying that bow is a bit ripped at the seams.

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J. Bernard Calloway as Terry

General Information

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BET Plus

Release Date

February 23, 2023


Jordan E. Cooper


Allison Bosma, Jon DeWalt

Previously Noted Characters and Cast


J. Bernard Calloway

Ms. Pat

Patricia Williams


Theodore Barnes


Briyana Guadalupe


Tami Roman

Plot Recap

It all hits the fan. Terry has begun his descent into oxy/opioid addiction, and while Ms. Pat doesn’t catch it, at first, Junebug and Janelle do. They see Terry accidentally drop a pill down the sink, and the next thing they know, he is ready to pull a pipe from the wall to get his fix. Now, why is he going down this road?

Well, his leg still hurts, but also he is dealing with a lot mentally and emotionally. With Ms. Pat doing so well in her career, he doesn’t feel needed, and with her putting her career before her marriage and family, you can see the power dynamics are shifting away from him, and it bugs him. Though, in Ms. Pat’s defense, the more she works now, the less she has to later, and while she has had no problems being Terry’s support, his lack of support is an issue. Never mind, he doesn’t seem to understand that she is working this hard so he can retire.

Naturally, even with explanations, back and forths happen, people get called selfish, Michelle is brought up, the abortion, and other events in the series, and it is only when Junebug vocally notes his worry of his parents divorcing that things stop. Not Ashley coming over and trying to therapize things, but the youngest conveying he is genuinely fearful that his parents hate each other (partly due to Denise planting the seed).

But, in the end, it is agreed that both Terry and Ms. Pat need to detox, and a family vacation is in order. Now, what is Ms. Pat detoxing from? One of Terry’s arguments is that Pat is addicted to her phone to see likes, tags, and comments, and he isn’t wrong. So, while he is dealing with his early onset Oxy addiction, she is dealing with her social media addiction by being cut off and stuck in a room.


Community Rating: 88% (2 votes)

Notable Performances or Moments

Ms. Pat and Terry’s Argument – Which Included Events From Across The Series

You can’t have people married for years, decades, and have it where things in arguments are simple. Lest we forget, the whole abortion thing was a major faux pas for Terry, and likely he will never forgive or forget what Ms. Pat did in that situation. Just as Ms. Pat will never forgive or forget Terry having an emotional affair. But, what’s beautiful about this situation and argument, is how a handful of incidents are shown to not be enough to break a family that has been solid for more than a decade.

Yeah, it may mean Terry and Ms. Pat may not like each other on occasion, but the love is still there, and via their family, both get held accountable and pushed to see the bigger picture, beyond their egos. Which really pushes you to see, as much as “The Ms. Pat Show” is uncouth and very different from what many are used to, that’s what makes it matter and what can make it a potential classic. It’s not a rebrand or modern version of anything you’ve seen before. It’s unique in an entertainment landscape that often fears not sticking to the script rehashed repeatedly and where it seems so many kinds of stories and characters have been done to death.

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