As Ms. Pat addresses the Michelle situation, Denise ends up in some drama of her own that may require taking off her earrings and getting some Vaseline.

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General Information

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BET Plus

Release Date

February 23, 2023


Kelly Park


Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams, Tom Simmons

Newly Noted Characters and Cast


Essence Atkins

Miss Pearl

Marla Gibbs

Previously Noted Characters and Cast


Lisa Vidal


Patricia Williams


J. Bernard Calloway


Tami Roman

Plot Recap

Things come to a head when it comes to the Michelle situation. Pat, with having so much attention and now starting a podcast, doesn’t really have time to baby Terry. Add in the kids aren’t necessarily volunteering either, and he is often left alone or with people thinking Pat should do something. Enter Michelle, who comes in while Pat is away, and when she returns, Pat and Denise go off on her to the point Michelle decides to call Pat and Denise out of their names, and Denise is given permission to handle that.

As for Terry? With revealing he lied and him adding undue stress to Pat’s life she is pissed, but rather than hurt Terry physically, she just leaves him on the couch because she did enough in the day.

Marla Gibbs as Miss Pearl
“Marla Gibbs as Miss Pearl,” The Ms. Pat Show | Season 3/ Episode 8 “Twenty-Seven Side Pieces” | Directed by Kelly Park | 2023 | Bet Plus

Such as what? Well, Denise got a job at a new, local, Black-owned salon. The owner, Ms. Pearl, she gets along with, but her daughter Charnelle? Not so much, nor Charnelle’s petty little friends. So when Denise reveals to Pat what is going on, she is ready to swoop in and mess people up, but luckily, no one gets arrested. Someone gets their wig wet, but that’s about it.



Terry On The Path Towards Opioid Addiction

Do I want bad things to happen to Terry? Absolutely not. However, it would be interesting to see the man who has been the rock, a solid dude, slip up. We’ve seen him slip up due to the abortion storyline, and while I by no means want it so every season has us seeing the worst in Terry, considering Denise’s addiction, Pat’s pass, Terry getting to experience something they did, at his age, and make a bounce back could be notable.

On The Fence

Feeling The Michelle and Salon Situation Resolved Too Quickly

I really hope the Michelle saga isn’t over just like that. Considering how far she took it, from tricking Terry to come to a bar to going to his house uninvited? To end things with Denise beating her behind off-screen and Pat going off on Terry at the level she usually does? It doesn’t feel like it is enough.

Essence Atkins as Charnelle
“Essence Atkins as Charnelle,” The Ms. Pat Show | Season 3/ Episode 8 “Twenty-Seven Side Pieces” | Directed by Kelly Park | 2023 | Bet Plus

Then with the salon thing, I recognize Pat said Denise can work out of her house, which will cause issues. But considering Ms. Pearl’s shop is the only Black one in town, and now Denise is directly competing with her? I get Ms. Pearl has a whole shop, and Denise, well it isn’t clear where she’ll work out of since Brandon lives in the basement. However, there is definitely more to explore, such as why Pearl and her kids started up the place, what challenges they have faced, and more.

After all, we’re told it is a predominantly non-Black area, so just the sense of community that we could see and the eccentric personalities would be awesome. Though, I feel the need to remember this is a live show and not a sitcom, so maintaining that set is likely not an option.

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Previous Episode: Season 3/ Episode 7 “Body Aches and Booty Shakes” (Series Page | Character Guide)

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