The Ms. Pat Show: Season 3/ Episode 4 “Ain’t No Party…” – Recap

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Brandon may have a girlfriend ya’ll! The only problem is Ashley may have met her first. Also, Ms. Pat and Denise have an insecure moment that leads to them getting face fillers.

Release Date (BET Plus) February 23, 2023
Director(s) Mary Lou Belli
Writer(s) Devon Shepard
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Max Jaleel White
Ramona Carrie Bernans
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Ms. Pat Patricia Williams
Denise Tami Roman
Elizabeth Reagan Pasternak
Ashey Brittany Inge
Brandon Vince Swann
Terry J. Bernard Calloway

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Plot Recap

Featuring: Ms. Pat, Denise, Elizabeth, Ramona, Ashley, Brandon, Max, Terry

Self-esteem is a noted issue for many in Ms. Pat’s household. After learning Tanika got engaged to the woman she cheated on her with, Ashley is down in the dumps. Especially since Tanika didn’t have any desire to get engaged to her. Alongside her, Brandon, who finally has a girl like him in Ramona, is a tad worried about Ramona wanting a threesome because of the potential of who the third person is.

Well, the other person ends up being Ashley, who, originally, was going to compete for Ramona due to liking what she could offer as a partner. But then she remembers who she is and what she brings to the table, and with that in mind, the idea of competing with Brandon for someone is ridiculous to her, so she lets Brandon have her. Which originally, he is okay with it until she brings a guy for this new attempt at a threesome, and he gets uncomfortable.

Brandon (Vince Swann) and Ramona (Carrie Bernans)
“Brandon (Vince Swann) and Ramona (Carrie Bernans),” The Ms. Pat Show, “Ain’t No Party…,” directed by Mary Lou Belli, 2023, (BET+)

Not to be outdone, but Pat is also dealing with some self-esteem issues. With learning what some of the ladies at Terry’s job look like, she finds herself tempted by Elizabeth’s offer for some filler in her face for hosting her party. Denise joins in, and while, originally, she and Pat look good at an office party thrown by Terry’s boss, Max, then they get an allergic reaction that makes them look crazy.

Thankfully, Denise and Pat roll with the punches, allowing Terry to get the boost he needs to talk about a promotion.



The Jokes Made At Ms. Pat’s Expense

While saying she looked like a plantation mammy and like the klan tried to lynch her was next-level messed up, it isn’t like she didn’t have to approve the joke. But that level of offense and how raw “The Ms. Pat Show” is, even against its star, makes it funny.

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Max (Jaleel White)
The Ms. Pat Show: Season 3/ Episode 4 “Ain’t No Party…” – Recap
While the episode didn't dig too deep into Ms. Pat's self-esteem, like the hair episode, it did deliver memorable jokes – the kind only this show would ever allow to be heard and seen by the masses.
The Jokes Made At Ms. Pat's Expense

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