So Fly Christmas (2023) – Movie Review/Summary

“So Fly Christmas” doesn’t include that awkward gray between relationships, as it focuses on a friendship in which one half has been far more lucky in love than the other.

Community Rating: 80% (2 votes)

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Title Card, So Fly Christmas

Film Summary

On Christmas Eve, Floyd abandoned Wyvetta in their small church wedding, in which only Wyvetta’s parents, Myron and Harriet, and her best friend, Dione, and her goddaughter, Sierra, were in attendance. This set off a year-long campaign on Wyvetta and Dione’s podcast, Di & Wy So Fly, about being through with love until Clarence came into Dione’s life and complicated things. For with him being charming and nice, Dione began to question if she could keep up the vow not to date.

Other Noteworthy Information


  1. Wesley (Tommy Davidson) is only in the beginning and end of the movie
  2. Sierra has her own storyline in which her professor, Gary Browning, is supposed to be advocating for her essay about Christmas but may be acting nefariously.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.


Darien Sillis-Evans as Floyd
Darien Sillis-Evans as Floyd

Floyd is Wyvetta’s former fiancé who is a deadbeat in a multitude of ways.


Tichina Arnold as Wyvetta
Tichina Arnold as Wyvetta

Wyvetta is one half of the “Di & Wy So Fly” podcast and has never really had a good relationship experience. But with Dione as inspiration, she has kept at it, hoping she can catch up.


Myron is Wyvetta’s eccentric father, who tickles the hell out of her momma.


Michael Colyar as Myron and Jackée Harry as Harriet
Michael Colyar as Myron and Jackée Harry as Harriet

Harriet is Wyvetta’s mother, who makes it clear she is still very much attracted to her husband and hopes her daughter can find a good man who loves her and turns her on for decades to come.


Tami Roman as Dione
Tami Roman as Dione

Dione is Wyvetta’s best friend, who is like a sister to her, and the other half of the “Di & Why So Fly” podcast. She is divorced, has one kid, and has had a fairly easier time dating than Wyvetta.


Laurissa 'Lala' Romain as Sierra
Laurissa ‘Lala’ Romain as Sierra

Sierra is Dione’s 21-year-old daughter, who is a writer working on publishing one of her first essays.


Robert Christopher Riley as Clarence So Fly Christmas directed by Terri J. Vaughn 2023 BET Plus scaled
Robert Christopher Riley as Clarence

Clarence is a man who takes an interest in Dione, despite her going on this love break with Wyvetta.


Tommy Davidson as Wesley
Tommy Davidson as Wesley

Wesley is the pastor who was supposed to handle Floyd and Wyvetta’s wedding.

Professor Gary Browning

Gary Budoff as Gary Browning
Gary Budoff as Gary Browning

Professor Browning is Sierra’s mentor who is working with her to get one of her pieces published.

Collected Quote(s)

Whoever you give your heart to, make sure they are strong enough to carry it.
— Dione


Community Rating: 80% (2 votes)

Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)


Sierra Wasn’t Just There

I don’t have issue with someone’s kid (not the actress but the character) being a part of the story, and even having a B-line story on their own. However, often it can feel like they are unnecessary. That isn’t the case with Sierra. Being that she is 21 and not a teenager, and you see how Dione and her have grown to the point she isn’t just her child, but there is a relationship beyond that, she becomes a useful piece in the drama between Wyvetta and Dione.

After all, she was raised to speak up for herself, call things out, and Sierra does it in a respectful way. Even for her individual storyline dealing with her professor, she isn’t cursing and carrying on, but does make it clear she isn’t to be messed with. The combination makes it so Sierra’s inclusion doesn’t feel like they are just trying to capitalize on Romain’s following but give her something to do as an actress and show she has skills.

While Dramatic At Times, Nothing Felt Over The Top

Wyvetta was left at the altar before her parents, best friend, and goddaughter. Thankfully not in front of more than that, but it is still embarrassing. On top of that, she has spent a good part of her friendship with Dione, envious, maybe jealous, about her personal development in terms of getting into relationships, getting married, though I wouldn’t say having a kid.

So, with that in mind, you can understand that, with Dione being willing to slow down as Wyvetta still is trying to catch up, she feels in sync. This makes the idea of Dione finding someone, hiding it, and Wyvetta worried about being replaced, being real, and understandable, emotions. After all, Wyvetta had to learn how to split time with Sierra, then Dione’s ex when that was a thing, and from what it seems, Wyvetta doesn’t have other friends, and her job is with Dione.

Making Clarence entering the picture and Dione being single for a while, a natural threat for someone who doesn’t want the only time she can consistently see her friend being when they are working. Now, did Dione need to have a conversation and set boundaries with Wyvetta? Yes. After all, Wyvetta would just be coming over randomly with a spare kid likely meant for emergencies or to make sure Sierra could get in the house.

But that is the grounded drama we see. Most of us know when a friend, especially a woman, gets someone new, that person can consume all their time and energy, especially if they are a good partner. So the animosity, even if petty, is something that comes off very human, and thankfully, while Dione does get a bit comical in order to hide Clarence, it never gets to the point of where things are slapstick or a farce.

On The Fence

It Can Feel Like Famous Faces Were Included To Compensate For A Average Story

While we do appreciate “So Fly Christmas” not being over the top and ridiculous, that isn’t to say it hits you with the oomph. Yes, it is explained why Dione needs to hide Clarence, and Wyvetta does, maturely explain her feelings. However, that doesn’t mean this film is deep and really goes into loneliness, particularly during the holidays, and the struggle to keep up with friends who are reaching milestones quicker and more easily than you.

This is very much a comedy but not a quotable or rewind type. Rather, like many a BET Plus or even Tubi release, it taps into nostalgia, like seeing the legendary Jackée or Tommy Davidson, as part of its hook. It’s about waiting for them to say something wild like the character(s) you know them for. It’s about hoping Tichina Arnold may sing with Laurissa Romain and just tap into what got them famous.

That isn’t to say no one can add something to their repertoire or they are perpetually stuck on a greatest hits tour. It’s just that “So Fly Christmas,” like most holiday movies, isn’t trying to do more than it must. It isn’t pushing you to think, really dive into emotions or challenge you. Holiday movies aren’t about that, so what you get is a lot of familiar faces, some new, and a film that is good enough, but is more so oil for the machine of BET Plus than a stand-alone product that could be a hit outside of a streaming package.

Who Is This For?

Those who want a holiday film with some drama, light comedy, that doesn’t involve someone’s relationship being in the gray area and is more about friendship than it is about falling in love, family troubles, or anything like that.

General Information

Title Card, So Fly Christmas
Title Card, So Fly Christmas


Terri J. Vaughn

Screenplay By

Clarence Williams IV

Based On (Story/ Novel) By

Clarence Williams IV

Date Released

November 23, 2023

How To Watch

BET Plus




Young Adult


Film Length

1 Hour 31 Minutes

Content Rating

Rated TV-MA

Noted Characters and Cast


Tichina Arnold


Tami Roman


Robert Christopher Riley


Laurissa “Lala” Romain


Michael Colyar


Jackée Harry


Tommy Davidson


Darien Sillis-Evans


Gary Budoff

Content Rating Explanation

  • Dialog: Occasional Cursing
  • Violence: None
  • Sexual Content: None
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking


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Discussion Items

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  1. Do you feel too many Christmas and holiday movies focus too strongly on finding love and not enough on enjoying being single?

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So Fly Christmas (2023) – Movie Review


When it comes to “So Fly Christmas,” it is good for those who would love to see this actor or that actor again, and get a simple holiday movie. However, like most holiday movies, it doesn’t bring that special something that can make it a classic or worth repeat viewing. It’s a decent, entertaining, one-and-done film.

  • It Can Feel Like Famous Faces Were Included To Compensate For A Average Story - 73%
  • While Dramatic At Times, Nothing Felt Over The Top - 83%
  • Sierra Wasn’t Just There - 82%


  • Sierra Wasn’t Just There
  • While Dramatic At Times, Nothing Felt Over The Top


  • It Can Feel Like Famous Faces Were Included To Compensate For A Average Story

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