While “Share?” may lack answers some people may crave from a film like this, it feels like a “Black Mirror” inspired movie that undoubtedly is enjoyable.

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General Information


Ira Rosenweig

Screenplay By

Benjamin Sutor

Based On Story By

Ira Rosenweig, Benjamin Sutor

Date Released (Video On Demand)

November 10, 2023



Film Length

1 Hour 18 Minutes

Content Rating

Not Rated

Noted Characters and Cast


Melvin Gregg


Alice Braga


Danielle Campbell


Bradley Whitford

Film Summary

For reasons not revealed, dozens of people are trapped within containers where they start with only a toilet, a sink, and a shower. However, they are given no water – that requires credits, and to gain credits, you have to get donations from people who watch you. Our lead, #14, learns this as he does silly things to gain attention, clothes, and food.

But as time goes on, it isn’t lost on him that he is captive. He works with #6395873 to figure out ways to gain credits without nearly hurting himself, but freedom is the ultimate goal. Enter #52605011, who pushes for a way to get free, even discover the glitches and issues within the system, and then #038491828, who challenges the idea that living in the pods is all that bad.

The combination leads #14, who eventually gains notable status, to feel torn between the two ladies and their opposing beliefs, with him having to decide who to side with and how to ultimately wield his influence.

Content Rating Explanation

  • Dialog: Cursing throughout
  • Violence: Graphic imagery which includes skin being burnt off
  • Sexual Content: Mild nudity and sexual situations
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking, sounds of vomiting

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.


Melvin Gregg as 14
“Melvin Gregg as 14,” Share?, directed by Ira Rosensweig, 2023, (XYZ Films)

Beyond owning a dog, not much is revealed about #14. We do learn he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself, likes the attention of a beautiful woman, and feels he isn’t necessarily someone of importance.


Alice Braga as #52605011
“Alice Braga as #52605011,” Share?, directed by Ira Rosensweig, 2023, (XYZ Films)

While they may perform a puppet show for credits, they are by no means happy about their circumstances and are ready and willing to start a revolution so that everyone can get back their freedom.


Danielle Campbell as #038491828
“Danielle Campbell as #038491828,” Share?, directed by Ira Rosensweig, 2023, (XYZ Films)

A yoga instructor who seems to have no problems with her captivity, it is hard to say whether life was hard outside, hence #038491828 being so peaceful, or if she is a plant made to keep people distracted and docile.


Bradley Whitford as #6395873
“Bradley Whitford as #6395873,” Share?, directed by Ira Rosensweig, 2023, (XYZ Films)

An angry old man potentially in his dying days, #6395873 is the first proof for #14 that there are others in the situation he is, but being stuck with #6395873 is by no means a saving grace.

Collected Quote(s)

Distraction is more powerful than suppression.
— #52605011

The ones who are left will love you the most.
— #52605011

Discussion Items

Let us know your thoughts in the comments:

  1. What would you do if you were trapped in a box, with no escape, and you had to do something, with minimal resources to gain credits to just get some running water?


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)


It Feels Like An Extended Black Mirror Episode

While there isn’t an apples-to-apples episode of “Black Mirror” you could easily compare “Share?” to, it has a lot of what has made that franchise notable. It drops you into a situation that lacks a thorough explanation. Alongside that, it has a tight cast with enough given to get you invested but is, for the most part, story-driven.

“Share?” may introduce you to #14, but, as noted above, you learn the absolute minimum about him for the film is about what he does, how he participates in the community, he finds himself in, not who he was before these set of circumstances. Which, I’ll admit, makes it so the film does lean more heavily on how recognizable some actors are far more than who their characters are.

But, each one seems up for the task, and when you factor in what happens, especially as #14 finds himself in a position where he can’t try to play both sides and has to stick to one? You learn to enjoy what is given and the consequences of everyone’s actions.

You Can Get An Emotional Reaction or Investment In The Characters

Whether wishing #6395873 would just shut the hell up and die or becoming invested in the potential friendships and romantic relationships #14 could have, even without knowing the characters, you still feel some form of connection. Not a strong one, but one good enough to help most bypass the lack of information given.

Low Points

You Learn Absolutely Nothing About How Anyone Ended Up In The Rooms And Very Little About The Rooms Themselves

With that said, this is the type of movie that doesn’t even give you hints about what’s happening. You don’t see the face behind the screen, where all these boxes or containers are, nothing. In some ways, you may appreciate not having this addition because it means they have to focus on the characters and not throw in a villain who could potentially disappoint.

Yet, with no villain, just competing thoughts, it can make the weight of the characters not being fleshed out much a bigger problem for some.

Who Is This For?

Those who love films with small casts, don’t overtly feel the need to explain everything or have a central villain. Instead, the villain isn’t a person but opposing ideas and how far each person is willing to go to prove themselves right at the cost of others.


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Share? (2023)
  • You Learn Absolutely Nothing About How Anyone Ended Up In The Rooms And Very Little About The Rooms Themselves - 68%
  • You Can Get An Emotional Reaction or Investment In The Characters - 81%
  • It Feels Like An Extended Black Mirror Episode - 83%
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