Collected Quotes For The Month of January 2019

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In this post are collected quotes from TV, Movies, Video Games and more which were collected during January 2019.

In this post are collected quotes from TV, Movies, Video Games and more which were collected during January 2019.

When you grown, you don’t make mistakes, you make choices.
I Be Knowin’

“Optimal doesn’t necessarily mean perfect.”

“All expressing anger against inanimate objects does is teach you to associate anger with your own controlled aggression.”
—Mr. O’Neal (Dirty John: Episode 8)

apologizing isn’t just social etiquette, it’s a hugely important human ritual that brings relationships together and helps people move forward.
— Jean (“Episode 8” Sex Education)

Sex Education: Season 1/ Episode 6 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Lots of people have acquired knowledge, not many people have ideas.
— “Episode 6” Sex Education

“It’s just an excuse so you can sleep with whoever you want. Not because you’re lonely, because you want to be alone.”
— Katherine (State Like Sleep)

“We can learn a lot from desperate people.”
—  (State Like Sleep)

“Funny, peel back a layer and no one’s who they seem to be.”
—  (State Like Sleep)

I see now for the first time that solely looking through the eyes of others has left me blind to my own heart. I have shut myself up living inside the minds of those I’ve spent so long trying to understand that I’ve begun to feel disconnected from my own life.
— Ali quoting Joan’s book (Hedgehog)

So many people spend so much time trying to recreate the past, so that they can rewrite their histories and come out the victor, the one that doesn’t get hurt.
— Joan (Hedgehog)

I don’t have time for you to waste my time.
— Kimmi (Love & Marriage: Huntsville)

Just because things won’t be the same doesn’t mean they won’t be okay.
— “Too Fast, Too Furious” The Fosters

“You’re under no obligation to be the person you were five minutes ago.”
— Kathryn Hahn (Quoting Alan Watts)

We get taught so much that we have to just wait for things to be given to us, and sometimes it’s like, it’s been a minute. I’ve already shown and proved, just let me know or let me nah.
— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club)

If you want other people to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself.
— Angela Yee  (The Breakfast Club)

A lot of people determine fighting for their relationship as dighting for forgiveness.
— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club)

Don’t fight to get me back, fight to keep me.
— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club)

Why you keep “But-ing?” Shut up and learn something!
— Charlamagne The God (The Breakfast Club)

You can invest in someone without going broke.
— Amanda Seales (The Breakfast Club)

have to have respect for it but not be trapped by it.
— Nikki Giovanni

I’m not trying to defend it, I’m trying to make you see it.
— James Baldwin

I’m never happy, I’m relieved.
— Alfonso Cuarón (THR Directors Roundtable)

the older you get, the more you tend to know when you’re ready for something.
— Bradley Cooper (THR Directors Roundtable)

What you don’t know, you’re afraid of.
— Ryan Coogler (THR Directors Roundtable)

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