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Title Card - The Rook Season 1, Episode 1 Chapter 1 [Series Premiere]
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A character guide for Starz’s The Rook featuring cast members names, character descriptions, and noteworthy information.

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 1, Episode 1 “Chapter 1” [Series Premiere]While The Rook seems like it could be intriguing, it faces an uphill battle by being everything we’re not used to when superheroes are involved.
Creator(s) Daniel O’Malley
Director(s) Kari Skogland
Writer(s) Al Blyth, Sam Holcroft
Air Date 6/30/2019
Genre(s) Fantasy, Action, Drama, Superhero
Good If You Like
  • Understated Supernatural Productions
  • Protagonists With Memory Loss Rediscovering Who They Are
  • Who Dun It Shows
Isn’t For You If You
  • Need At Least One Character With Charm, Charisma, Or Who Can Be Considered Comedic Relief
Introduced This Episode
Myfanwy Emma Greenwell
Season 1, Episode 2 “Chapter 2”As it becomes the left-hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing, we dig deeper into why and who was trying to hunt Myfanwy and the price they were willing to pay.
Director(s) Kari Skogland
Writer(s) Al Blyth, Sam Holcroft
Air Date 7/7/2019
Introduced This Episode
Linda Joely Richardson
Conrad Adrian Lester
Zef Nikolaos Brahimllari
Monica Olivia Munn
Ingrid Ruth Madeley
Eliza Catherine Steadman
Robert Ronan Raftery
Alex Jon Fletcher
Jennifer Gina McKee
  • It Isn’t Only Linda Covering Up For Myfanwy: Conrad, Zef, Jennifer
  • Where Does Your Allegiance Truly Lay?: Monica, Ingrid, Eliza, Robert
  • Who. Am. I?: Linda, Myfanwy, Alex, Robert

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Myfanwy (Emma Greenwell)

Myfanwy (Emma Greenwell) as she realizes she is in the room with a traitor.
Myfanwy (Emma Greenwell)

Character Introduction

First Noted In: Season 1, Episode 1

Since 2004 Myfanwy has had transdermal neural transmission powers which allow her to lethally affect people’s nerves, muscles, perhaps even their brain. However, recently, she has found herself with her mind wiped of all personal memories. Said act was likely done by what is called a vulture, someone who hunts people like Myfanwy who are categorized as those with EVAs (Extreme Variant Abilities).

Thus leading her to have to get reacquainted with her co-workers, part-time lovers, and herself. A dangerous task for, previous to her mind being wiped, she left warnings and information which makes it seem Myfanwy can’t trust anyone. Even those who seem like they have good intentions.

Additional Information About Myfanwy

  • Takes Propranolol Hydrochloride, which is blood pressure medication, but also works for migraines and tremors (per Healthline). This is to help control her powers, and possible anxiety.


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