The Rook: Season 1, Episode 7 “Prologue” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Before the finale, we retrace what led to Myfanwy getting her mind-wiped and the incident at the Millennium Bridge.

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Myfanwy after using her powers at the Millennium Bridge

Before the finale, we retrace what led to Myfanwy getting her mind-wiped and the incident at the Millennium Bridge.

Director(s) Rebecca Johnson
Writer(s) Al Blyth, Sam Holcroft
Air Date 8/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Josie Rosie Sansom

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A Predication Was Made: Josie, Myfanwy, Linda, Gestalt

Unlike the Myfanwy we’ve grown accustomed to, the way she was before is as Ingrid has made it appear. She was precise, in control, and very much an asset rather than bumbling about. An example of this was finding an EVA who could see into the future. The EVA, Josie, may not be able to see major events or explain what she saw, but she could see shifts in commodities – of which EVAs seem to be included for she foresees the memory wipe. Which, of course, scares Myfanwy and leads her to tell Linda. However, even with the limits of EVAs not necessarily set, she dismisses the possibility and instructs Gestalt, the only friends Myfanwy has, to do the same.

Josie (Rosie Sansom) revealing Myfanwy's future.
Josie (Rosie Sansom): Myfanwy Thomas wakes in the rain.

Old Friends & Uneasy Allies: Jennifer, Conrad, Linda, Monica, Marcus

Monica’s search for Marcus takes her to Paris and allows her to track him to the UK. A place where she may never run across him, but it is made clear to us he was aware of her presence. Which, in a way, is an issue. While Monica isn’t an asset of England and Marcus is an EVA himself, there is the issue of EVAs being discovered sooner or later, and that is why Jennifer speaks on doing a review of the Checquy and maybe reassignment to MI5, MI6 or even the military.

This, of course, doesn’t go over well with Conrad nor Linda, but especially Linda. Yet, with her being late and a bit nonchalant, it is up to Conrad to stall and use his part relationship with Jennifer to even stop the proceeding. Leading to us learning about their history which began in college but abruptly ended when his power manifested, and he went to Glengrove. A place that, as noted with Myfanwy, had its subjects cut off from the outside world. Thus ending their relationship until her position got her involved with EVAs. And likely, taking note of their relationship and Conrad speaking on internal reforms, that might be the latest reason the Checquy maintained some form of autonomy.

The Days Before & The Night Of: Linda, Lorik, Peter, Marcus, Bronwyn, Myfanwy, Nazim

Drifting back to Myfanwy, we learn Linda was very much part of the deal which would have had Myfanwy’s mind wiped. However, there is more to it. The story goes, Bronwyn was stalking Myfanwy as she went in and out of work for ages, hoping to follow her home. She was captured doing so and, initially, Linda told her to back off. But, while working with Marcus, Bronwyn learned of Nazim and arranged a trade. One which Linda accepted since she recognized Myfanwy wasn’t happy and wanted her to be such. So, when it comes to Nazim, the mind wipe was so that Myfanwy’s time in Checquy would be wiped, thus maintaining their secrecy, as well as all the trauma involved being gone too.

Problem is with this whole idea is Myfanwy was already working with Lorik to escape, and while Marcus had an in with Lorik, so did Peter who was not loyal to Lorik. In fact, he was going to kidnap Myfanwy and rather than take her where she wanted, instead would sell her to the highest bidder. Which is where things went wrong. As Nazim was wiping Myfanwy, triggering her powers in the process, Peter and his crew showed up and interrupted things. Leading to Myfanwy running off, after Marcus and Bronwyn finally got her alone, and explained things, and them being left at square one.

Well, Bronwyn anyway since Myfanwy, after being cornered at the Millenium Bridge, unleashes her powers. Which, as we’ve seen, usually aren’t that drastic but with her memories waning, and thus her sense of control, she wipes out Marcus and the rest and, once again, has to be brought back under the Checquy umbrella.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. It is noted Nazim is a level 8 EVA, how many levels are there and total and what are the levels of the characters we’ve met?
  2. Was Paula Patton’s character cut or will be seen in the finale?


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Everything Has Been Explained – 90

Linda saying goodbye to Myfanwy.
Linda: I will miss you

With us learning how Linda ended up part of the Checquy, which will be detailed in the show’s character guide, how Conrad too ended up in, alongside how it was founded, we got a good deal of information. That is alongside learning Marcus is an EVA, more about Jennifer and Conrad’s relationship and, most importantly, what led up to Myfanwy’s memory being wiped. So, with this being the penultimate episode of the show, it is currently scheduled to be a mini-series, it seems all that needs to be done is the show make up for the lack of energy it has had thus far.

On The Fence

The Gestalt x Myfanwy Sex Scene Felt Tame – 75

Just to show how much this show lacks any drive to be exciting, they made a sex scene between, at least, 4 people dull. Granted, it was two bodies, but with multiple consciousnesses in play, and interloping between each one in the moment, it just seemed like there should have been a bigger pop. Particularly considering, the intensity of the music, by NoMBe, which set a perfect scene. Yet, The Rook stayed on course of presenting you the takeaway message yet not necessarily presenting it with a notable moment.

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The Gestalt x Myfanwy Sex Scene Felt Tame - 75%
Everything Has Been Explained - 90%


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  1. I think a basic problem with this series is the performance of Emma Greenwell as Myfanwy. The actress playing the role should be able to make us feel strong sympathy for the poor lost girl, but Greenwell is so pallid and remote that she doesn’t generate those feelings. The is especially true in ‘Prologue’ where much to my surprise the pre-amnesia Myfanwy comes across much the same as the post-amnesia Myfanwy. It is a shame considering the well-done production and the high quality of the other actors

  2. You completely missed the point of Gestalt. There was a sex scene between 2 people, one of them just happened to have 4 bodies (3 of theme where not there). It was not a fucking orgy, so hold your horses.
    The scene was absolutely awesome how it showed that the other 3 bodies were feeling the same thing at the same time, as the one that was with Myfanwy.

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