The Rook: Season 1, Episode 3 “Chapter 3” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

As one of Myfanwy’s pursuers get captured, complications with the Gestalt, Monica, and the relationship between Conrad and Linda continue.

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Eliza waking up with her brothers.

As one of Myfanwy’s pursuers get captured, complications with the Gestalt, Monica, and the relationship between Conrad and Linda continue.

Director(s) China Moo-Young
Writer(s) Francesca Gardiner
Air Date 7/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Peter Von Syoc Barry Atsma
Danielle Shelley Conn
Gordon Steven Pacey

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The Theories Aren’t Off & The Hive Mind Isn’t Always Advantageous: Danielle, Jennifer, Myfanwy, Linda

During a sleepless night, Myfanwy decides to look up conspiracy theories, and she comes across one on the Gestalt. Well, rather, an old video which shows their upbringing and training in a place which isn’t identified. Yet, as we are told by a woman named Danielle, who is a spin doctor, it seems a lot of what people theorize isn’t exactly off. But when it comes to the rooks and Checquy, there remains little to no solid evidence. At least beyond what is found and swiftly deleted. Hence why, despite the need for more funds, Jennifer often denies it. Especially since, increasingly, it seems her grip on the program isn’t as tight as she wants since Linda seems to pretend she has some sense of autonomy.

Sometimes I Feel Like Someone Is Watching Me: Myfanwy, Eliza, Linda

Yet, considering how there are so few rooks and so many vultures, you can understand why Linda isn’t fond of her lack of resources. Take, for example, Myfanwy still being hunted. With having multiple members of the Gestalt acting as Myfanwy’s personal security team, that means them being pulled off their other duties. Which, as noted in the past, frustrates many members of them and perhaps sows discord with Linda and pushes the idea of favoritism.

Perhaps explaining, knowing increasingly that the Gestalt are all which may stand from being kidnapped and sold or remaining with limited freedom, Myfanwy reinitiates her complicated relationship with the four. Mostly through being intimate, by kissing, Eliza. A feeling which shakes the rest of the Gestalt and even causes one to have a slight car accident.

Trust Is So Hard To Gain & Easy To Lose: Gordon, Monica, Peter, Myfanwy, Conrad, Linda

It is becoming increasingly clear that Linda and Conrad, while under the same agency, have a limited desire to have a harmonious relationship. Be it because Conrad doesn’t take well to Linda being treated as his superior or, with her not being an EVA, he questions why she is amongst them? It’s hard to tell what started it all, but as they trade petty blows, it becomes increasingly clear that the Checquy surely don’t function as well as they could.

Case in point, during an interrogation of Peter Von Syoc, an EVA who can appear dead if he pleases, and who was one of the people who tried to kidnap Myfanwy, Linda interrupts. Mind you, this is just as Conrad is really getting on a roll and it undercuts his position. Makes it seem, as Peter accuses, Conrad is just a pawn, a weapon, someone who is simply a government instrument with no life of his own. Which may screw with his head slightly.

Peter Von Syoc (Barry Atsma) laying down.
Peter Von Syoc (Barry Atsma)

But it isn’t just Conrad’s head that Peter finds himself implanting thoughts. This also happens with Myfanwy who goes to visit Peter to learn why he tried to take her. Which leads to the answer of it just being about money based on her potential, not what she can currently do. But, alongside this information also comes Peter revealing some things which may jog Myfanwy’s memory. Places which he knows may lead to memories of her parents, and other events, coming back since he knows she has been wiped. Leading her to a place formerly known as the Glengrove house, where it appears many EVAs, and potential EVAs were housed. Such as the Gestalt siblings.

And while all this goes about, Monica continues her own investigation and heads to the Babylon auction which is held at a rather normal looking gallery. One which pairs the selling of EVA members with expensive-looking art. She even, since she is considered a seller through her ex, meets with a buyer, Gordon, and gets to know him and track him. To which what will lead? Well, we’ll have to stick around to find out.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Odd question: With Eliza being a woman, does her brothers feel the pains only she as a woman can have?


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On The Fence

The Back & Forth Between The Mysteries Being Of Interest Then Dull As Dirt

One of the biggest issues with The Rook is that it doesn’t have any sense that it is building to something. As noted with the pilot, no one has that certain something to match the music which clearly pushes we should be getting hyped up. Instead, we get Myfanwy moving about, almost like such a novice that it seems inevitable that she will either be taken or lead to one of the Gestalt being killed.

Then, when it comes to the Checquy, as nice as it is that the show is expanding how their operation works, it isn’t like the introduction of Danielle adds what the show is missing. It’s just another name to struggle to remember and another person who seems to be an unnotable cog in the wheel. No matter how much their talents are hyped up.

Perhaps making the only thing vaguely interesting being Monica’s mission but only because there is a weak promise of action coming from that. Maybe beyond what we see the Gestalt participate in by being Myfanwy’s personal security team who have boundary issues.

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One Comment

  1. “Odd question: With Eliza being a woman, does her brothers feel the pains only she as a woman can have?”

    I think with Gestalt, it isn’t four people all sharing their experiences. It’s one, single mind spread out through four bodies. Which would mean that if Gestalt experiences something in the Eliza body, then– the mind of Gestalt is experiencing it, regardless of which body it originally happened in.

    But that’s just my guess about what’s going on with him/her/it/them.

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