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As Monica gains an unexpected ally, Linda overplays her hand. Leading to her having to reveal a secret weapon.

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As Monica gains an unexpected ally, Linda overplays her hand. Leading to her having to reveal a secret weapon.

Director(s) China Moo-Young
Writer(s) Al Blyth, Sam Holcroft
Air Date 7/28/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lorik Michael McElhatton
Marcus Luke Roberts
Bronwyn Tamsin Topolski

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Congratulations, You Played Yourself: Linda, Jennifer, Conrad

With Linda trying to get back at Conrad by revealing his and Jennifer’s inappropriate relationship, she ends up playing herself. For with Jennifer learning about the Nazim situation, and Linda trying to cover for her people, Jennifer finds herself now able to suspend Linda and prep Conrad to rise into her position. All because Linda wanted to be petty.

As for how Conrad feels about all this? Well, he doesn’t learn about the suspension but does get broken up with. Also, he learns Jennifer has her eye on becoming Prime Minister, and so, despite an 18 year off and on thing, which has been on for 11 months, it simply was time. It’s just Linda sped up the clock.

A Different Approach: Monica, Marcus, Myfanwy, Nazim

Marcus (Luke Roberts) talking to Nazim.
Marcus (Luke Roberts)

Myfanwy is at a loss. The Checquy clearly are comprised of a team she can’t necessarily trust, but she needs help. So with the discovery of all Marcus was doing, there is hope that Monica might be someone who can be a good ally. Which, for the most part, she is. She doesn’t try to kill Myfanwy when she sleeps over, nor Nazim, and she is open about her relationship with Marcus. So while Myfanwy doesn’t reveal her secret room to her, like she does Nazim, it seems she has finally made a friend. One which, I should add, she even reveals that her mind has been whipped.

As for the who, how, and why? It was just a task he was given for refugee status. Nothing personal and it was a request delivered by someone Myfanwy knows. Leaving the how? Well, like almost everyone’s problems, the how is hard to describe. What we do know is that 16-year-old Nazim does have control of his powers and seems able to hone in on how much he wants to erase.

There Is So Much You Don’t Know: Nazim, Myfanwy, Bronwyn, Lorik, Conrad, Linda, Gestalt, Monica

So, breaking it all down, remember the safety deposit box Myfanwy had with money, passports, a phone, and tablet? Well, it seems the way she was going to get away was through Lorik, head of the Lugat, who reveals that information to Conrad in good faith. On top of that, the Gestalt reveal, after tracking Myfanwy for quite some time, that she has Nazim and Conrad tells them to capture all parties.

Lorik (Michael McElhatton) on the phone.
Lorik (Michael McElhatton)

Problem is with that is Monica with a gun and Linda who apparently has powers to produce sound waves that debilitate people. Making it so, despite being suspended, she still ends up getting Nazim for whatever use she has for him. Now, as for Bronwyn? Well, get this, that’s Myfanwy’s sister and the trade was so Myfanwy could be free.

As for whether Bronwyn had any part of the Lorik deal? We’re going to say no, for now. However, as things unfold, who knows how much more complicated things may get.



Linda has Powers?!

I’m not going to lie, when Linda went home, to a man who doesn’t seem worth naming, since she clearly doesn’t give a damn about him, I was weirded out by her yoga moves. But with the discovery that she has powers I must admit she has become a smidge bit more interesting. Granted, she still remains this figure who is supposed to be the kind of mysterious which leads you to ask questions, and yet doesn’t really do that, but this is a step in the right direction. It took half a season, but better late than ever.

On The Fence

The Political Game Is A Bit Weak

Question: Why is it we met the head of a major crime organization, and his debut was lackluster? Yes, we’ve heard Lorik’s name before but considering how he didn’t show up when Conrad wanted to meet you’d think he would have some oomph when he first appeared. Instead, he is hanging out with the guy we saw beat up and lounging at a donor party.

Then with the whole Jennifer drama, again, there is this sense this weird vibe like we should be so invested that her suspending Linda should be a shock, that her breaking up with Conrad should mean something, but it doesn’t. It is just something that happened, and while she speaks of trying to become prime minister, promoting Conrad, and all that, it doesn’t present you something to look forward to. It just seems like she is giving us the outline to the rest of the season. An invitation just in case we choose to show up, we’ll be aware of what’s going on.

The Bronwyn Reveal Was Meh

Bronwyn (Tamsin Topolski) talking on the phone.
Bronwyn (Tamsin Topolski)

Speaking of lack of investment, while Linda noted Myfanwy’s parents were dead, it was never a pressing matter to wonder if that was the truth or if there were any siblings. At this point, Myfanwy has made her journey to the truth so mundane that her reveals, like the majority on the show, have just elicited a respectful, “Oh.” Like this Bronwyn thing, Linda locking her up, trying to keep her from Myfanwy, it wasn’t this big surprise but just something worth nodding and thinking, “Seems like something Linda would do,” and that’s it.

Leaving me to wonder does this show have the ability to surprise or stir up any kind of response anymore? For it seems like it doesn’t necessarily want to be middle of the road and rooted, but that’s the reaction it often inspires.

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  1. I have to say, reading all the various reviews before I dived all the way in, has made me decide to abandon the watch. I am halfway through episode one and I watched half of two and it felt slow and boring. The reviews seem to indicate things do not really get better.

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