Amari Allah

Review By

Matthew Goodhue

Directed by

Bradley Fowler

August 30, 2023

Written By

Released (Theatrically)


Emily and her friends are entering their final years of college and living at Sigma Lambda Theta. Because of this, Emily is tempted to run for House President and win like her mom.


However, standing in her way is the current House President, Brianna, who already saw Emily as a threat. But with a deadly sloth on Emily's side, she may win the election.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Emily (Lisa Ambalavanar), Madison (Olivia Rouyre), Brianna (Sydney Craven), Zenny (Bianca Beckles-Rose) and more.

What Is “Slotherhouse” Rated And Why?

“Natty Knocks” is Rated PG-13 due to cursing, notable violence and gore, and drinking.

Review Summary

"Slotherhouse" is as ridiculous as expected from comical violence when people fight the sloth, to the sloth being put into situations that go well with the film's overall camp vibe.

Review Summary

But, like anything that can be considered camp, there is cringey acting and moments that either make you love this film more or will make you roll your eyes.

Who Is this For?

Those who love silly horror movies that have no desire to be taken seriously, but instead want to be as ridiculous, but gory, as possible.

"#ChadGetsTheAxe" is a horror comedy featuring influencers exploring the home of a satanic cult.