In this post, you’ll find collected quotes, and .gifs, from the Netflix program: Dear White People.

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In this post, you’ll find collected quotes, and .gifs, from the Netflix program: Dear White People.

Season 1

We can go slow. I just want to go somewhere.
Chapter I

Sometimes being carefree and black is an act of revolution.
Chapter V

As soon as you double down on you blackness they will double down on their bullshit.
Chapter VI

[…] public victims don’t have time to grieve because their trauma is immediately politicized, especially with social media and the 24-hour news cycle. It’s a lot.
Chapter VI

Don’t deny the world the truth about yourself just because it’s good.
Chapter IX

Season 2

So the world isn’t acting the way you thought it would. But we don’t see things the way they are, we see them the way we are.
Chapter 1

I’m a good person who doesn’t pose a threat, but they see me as one, and that is a threat to me.
Chapter 2

I’m always weird. It’s not really situation-dependent.
Chapter 3

It’s like the gay First Commandment. “Do unto others as has been done unto you.”
Chapter 3

You can’t be neutral on a moving train.
Chapter 4

Having a choice doesn’t make that choice easier to make.
— Chapter 4

[The] only thing they love more than saying they gave one of us a chance is seeing us squander it.
Chapter 5

Free speech is more important than its content.
Chapter 7

The truth is often elusive.
Chapter 8

[the] system [is] not some distant, separate thing. It is literally regular people making decisions. Some decide to enable it and others don’t.
Chapter 8

It’s easier to fight an enemy you can see.
Chapter 8

Is this a movement or a primal scream?
Chapter 8

If it all seems very confusing to you, you’re probably just seeing it clearly.
Chapter 9

Season 3

You can only study something so long before you get to wondering if you can actually do it.
— Moses | Episode 2 “Volume 3: Chapter 2”

You know, the secret of social media is that people always pretend to be happy about the things with which they are most insecure.
— Rashid | Episode 2 “Volume 3: Chapter 2”

I feel like I’m always chasing […] and the faster I run, the further I am.
— Brooke | Episode 3 “Volume 3, Chapter 3”

I f***ing hate being judged on my demographics.
— Sam | Episode 4 “Volume 3, Chapter 4” 

Soon, the unyielding manipulations of your best efforts by talentless overlords will form a callus over the joy and passion you once had for writing.
— A Person | Episode 4 “Volume 3, Chapter 4”

Realistic is for the ordinary.
— Coco | Episode 5 “Volume 3, Chapter 5”

The only way to win, is to outwork them.
— Penelope | Episode 5 “Volume 3, Chapter 5”

I want equality, f*** tolerance.
— A Person | Episode 6 “Volume 3, Chapter 6”

If you disagree […] because he’s wrong, that’s one thing. But if you’re just going to object because he’s right and you resent it, there’s the door.
— Moses | Episode 6 “Volume 3, Chapter 6”

Sometimes advising means intervening, and sometimes it means staying out of the way.
— Moses | Episode 6 “Volume 3, Chapter 6”

I don’t want someone to write for. I want something to write for.
— Brooke | Episode 7 “Volume 3, Chapter 7”

Get community where you can.
— Michael | Episode 7 “Volume 3, Chapter 7”

[…] sometimes the things you resist are just the things you need.
— Reggie | Episode 7 “Volume 3, Chapter 7”

[…] you are surrounded by allies the minute you decide to be.
— Professor Jerry Skylar | Episode 7 “Volume 3, Chapter 7”

[…] the First Amendment affords the press rights and privileges that don’t disappear because things may become inconvenient.
— Brooke | Episode 8 “Volume 3, Chapter 8”

I was going to drink away a bad day, but now I’m going to celebrate a good one.
— D’unte | Episode 9 “Volume 3, Chapter 9”

How can you miss someone you’ve barely even noticed?
— Rashid | Episode 10 “Volume 3, Chapter 10”

If you ever loved anything, the world will make you angry.
— Sam | Episode 10 “Volume 3, Chapter 10”


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