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Volume III, or Season 3, of Dear White People presented a noticeable, but not necessarily drastic, shift from its previous seasons. Here are some of the highs and lows.

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Episode 9 “Volume 3, Chapter 9” Summary

Title Card - DWP S3E9

Director(s) Salli Richardson-Whitfield
Writer(s) Njeri Brown, Nastaran Dibai
Air Date 8/2/2019

Troy and Abigail begin recruiting staff for their magazine and one of them is Brooke. Someone who keeps pressing Coco and Muffy for the story of what happened to Muffy isn’t just hers. Brooke was molested at 15 and seemingly nothing happened, so this isn’t just about Muffy or Brooke’s journalism career. This is about making it so Moses, who might have been ran off campus before because of this, not getting the chance to do this again.

Aside from that, and Troy negotiating with James for funding, Gabe is dealing with lying about being a Native American and getting a $20,000 grant because of it. Which, surprisingly, Sam is okay with, jokes about even, for that is how deep her love is for this man. But the guilt gets to him so deeply that he donates it to the strike fund for the TAs.

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Leaving one last thing: Muffy, thanking Coco for all her help, writers her a recommendation letter and gets Professor Queensfield to sign it.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did professor Queensfield assault Muffy’s mother?
  2. Did Sharon come out as being positive like Michael?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I was going to drink away a bad day, but now I’m going to celebrate a good one.
— D’unte


  • Brooke opening up about her past.
  • Sharon opening up to Sam, and Michael opening up to Sam, about life living with HIV.

Low Points

  • Gabe’s friend Milo – point-blank.

On The Fence

  • Sam’s love for Gabe compromising how she’d usually act if she heard someone gamed the system like he did.

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