While you can tell there should be a deeper story at play, “Wyrm” feels like it is missing the scenes/ details meant to bring you to tears.

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While you can tell there should be a deeper story at play, “Wyrm” feels like it is missing the scenes/ details meant to bring you to tears.

Director(s) Christopher Winterbauer
Screenplay By Christopher Winterbauer
Date Released (Video On Demand) 6/10/2022
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Duration 1 Hour and 37 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Cast
Wyrm Theo Taplitz
Myrcella Azure Brandi
Dylan Lukas Gage
Lindsey Sosie Bacon
Charley Samuel Faraci
Izzy Lulu Wilson

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Film Summary

Wyrm and his fraternal twin Myrcella are entering high school, and Wyrm is one of the few people in his grade to not have kissed someone. Which, on its own, can personally be embarrassing. However, to make it worse, the world Wyrm lives in has collars on kids that don’t unlock until you have your first kiss.

Now, why is Wyrm behind? His reason to school administrators, who monitor his progress and remind him he needs to catch up, is that his brother died. However, as we learn about the dysfunction of Wyrm and Myrcella’s family, which goes beyond their brother Dylan dying, it becomes clear it was likely more than that.

Things To Note

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Cursing (Nothing vulgar)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. When it comes to kids wearing these monitoring devices, is that a national thing?

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


Wyrm (Theo Taplitz) trying to convince Charley to kiss him
Wyrm (Theo Taplitz)

Wyrm is a freshman in high school who is one of the few people who hasn’t had his first kiss yet. But, having his first kiss isn’t his priority. He is more focused on interviewing people for his brother’s upcoming memorial ceremony.


Myrcella (Azure Brandi) dressed up
Myrcella (Azure Brandi)

With recently becoming a woman, by her definition, Myrcella has begun to really pull away from her family. Wyrm is more annoying than ever, and with most of her family still reeling from Dylan’s death, she focuses more on friends than on what’s going on with her family.


A local jock with many medals and awards, Dylan was the older brother who was kind of mean but still Wyrm and Myrcella’s brother.


Lindsey (Sosie Bacon) trying to have a conversation with Wyrm
Lindsey (Sosie Bacon)

Lindsey is one of Dylan’s closest friends who, after the accident, became ostracized.


Wyrm and Charley (Samuel Faraci) at a local skate park
Wyrm and Charley (Samuel Faraci)

Charley is one of Wyrm’s closest friends, who is in a grade lower than Wyrm and everyone else. But, Charley is also one of the nicest people in Wyrm’s life, besides Wyrm’s uncle.


Izzy just moved from Florida to where Wyrm and Myrcella live, and she seems to instantly become Myrcella’s friend. Together they dance and watch movies, but Izzy sometimes finds herself bored and wandering with Myrcella. Thus leading her to take pictures, explore Dylan’s room, and even talk to Wyrm.



Wishing They Did More With Wyrm and Izzy

Izzy (Lulu Wilson) taking a class picture
Izzy (Lulu Wilson)

While Charley and Wyrm have a nice friendship that is downplayed, it seemed the respite from the film having a lot of rocky relationships was going to by Izzy and Wyrm. Yet, we don’t get that expected romance from the movie. Thinks spark and fizzle, and while you can understand that maybe Izzy, like Myrcella, just wants someone to like them, despite their insecurities, as noted below, there is this wish that the relationship got deeper, never mind us getting to know Izzy better as well.

On The Fence

It Often Feels Like It Doesn’t Take A Storyline All The Way

There are a multitude of storylines going on in “Wyrm” that, even if we’re given some form of a resolution, it feels like it’s not as impactful as it should be. Perhaps the best example of this is Wyrm’s relationship (platonic) with Lindsey. She is someone who clearly makes him uncomfortable due to her association with Dylan, and when forced into a heart-to-heart, it almost makes you feel like this relationship should have been built up more so you can feel the emotional weight of her confrontation.

I’d even add in when it comes to Wyrm and Myrcella, yes, as fraternal twins sharing a room in their teens, there are naturally going to be issues. However, the balance “Wyrm” sometimes struggles with is in trying to be an awkward, sort of nerdy comedy while having dramatic elements, it is not a smooth balance. So whether it is Wyrm romanticizing who Dylan was or the direct relationship they have, it feels, again, like there is information that isn’t presented to the audience.

A memorial for Dylan (Lukas Gage)
Dylan (Lukas Gage)

Now, this isn’t to say everything needs to be spelled out and detailed. But this film focuses on either the lack of a relationship, ones that are misunderstood or in the process of deteriorating. So with that in mind, humor is fine for life is a joke, but with it being clear “Wyrm” also wants to deal with being othered by society, it could have gone deeper with its familial, romantic, or even friend-based storylines.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

The issue you can find with “Wyrm” is that it has a heart, but it isn’t beating at full capacity. It gives you enough to let you know there is more to these characters than their quirks and sarcasm. However, it doesn’t really go for the nerve or twist the blade, despite having multiple moments where you can see the opportunity for them to deliver a gut punch.

Hence the mixed label. “Wyrm” doesn’t hit the various storylines and topics it presents full throttle. It sort of eases in and recedes before it can really explore what gives this movie heart.

Who Is This For?

  • Those who like films focused on outcasts and the socially awkward
  • If you like dramedies that lean more towards being comedies

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Title Card - Wyrm (2022)
Wyrm (2022) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)
“Wyrm,” simply put, doesn’t go as far as it could or should regarding the various relationships in the movie, or even when it comes to how society likes to other those who are later bloomers. Because of that, it is less enjoyable than it could be.
It Often Feels Like It Doesn’t Take A Storyline All The Way
Wishing They Did More With Wyrm and Izzy
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Wishing They Did More With Wyrm and Izzy
It Often Feels Like It Doesn’t Take A Storyline All The Way

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