The First Time gives you webcomic-turned short web series vibes, but it is not long enough.

Director(s) Camille Ora-Nicole
Screenplay By Soleil Burgess
Date Released 10/15/2021
Where Can You Watch? Film Festival (NewFest)
Genre(s) Romance, Young Adult, LGBT, Animation
Duration 1 Minute
Rating Not Rated

Film Summary

What appears to be a couple are in bed together, one on their phone, the other seeming restless. Why? Well, because they are about to say something which could utterly alter their relationship.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: This is so G-rated.

Review/ Commentary


It Makes You Crave More

Does anyone else remember the various weird Nicktunes from the 90s? In my mind, The First Time gives the animation you’d expect but a modern tone and story. The kind that makes you wish there was a serious investment in cutesy queer stories in animated form. Especially in a serial format because, unfortunately, we still live in a world where shows featuring queer people usually have to be very dramatic, even if they are like Genera+ion.

This is why The First Time just gives you butterflies, for it is so pure, so innocent, and may make you a little envious.


Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)Recommended

The ladies smiling at each other

You know those feel-good comics you subscribe to on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? The one which is just cute, harmless, and reminds you that the world isn’t all s***? That’s what The First Time gives to you. Just a nice, no need for drama, strife, just the bliss of a healthy relationship, break from the world.

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Title Card - The First Time (2021)
The First Time (2021) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)
Who Is This For?
Those who love so cute and sweet it could make you flutter your lashes type of animation.
It Makes You Crave More

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