Film Festival

From the Montclair Film Festival in New Jersey, New York’s NewFest, Tribeca Film Festival, and Urban World Film Festival, to the famed Sundance Film Festival, here you’ll find our film festival coverage (which contains movies, shorts, and episodic content).

Good One – Movie Review and Summary

In a movie that may have more scenes of landscapes and walking than dialog, viewers are pushed to notice the subtle shift in dynamics between a father, daughter, and the father’s odd friend.

Love Me – Movie Review and Summary

Like most Sci-Fi movies void of action or suspense, “Love Me” feels longer than it needs to be, leading to its highlights becoming muddled.

In The Summers – Movie Review and Summary

“In The Summers” is an almost bittersweet look at the relationship between a father and his daughters, as you question if his imperfections may sour their relationship to the point of abandonment.

Inshallah a Boy – Review

In what may feel like a slightly familiar underdog story, a woman, who has recently been widowed, has to fight for what’s left from her marriage to secure her comforts and future.

About Dry Grasses Review

While we are the first to call to question why any movie needs to be three hours, “About Dry Grasses” makes the best use of its time through enviable conversations and how it deconstructs its lead.

Perfect Days (2023) – Review and Summary

“Perfect Days” spends nearly an entire hour testing its viewers loyalty, and once it makes an effort to get interesting, it doesn’t compensate for lost time as some may wish it had.

Eileen (2023) – Review and Summary

At the minimum, “Eileen” delivers entertaining performances worth the ticket price, and at max, you will witness at least one performance worthy of a major accolade.

This Place (2023) – Review and Summary

Addressing both characters’ individual cultures and how sometimes the personal clashes with the timing of something romantic, “This Place” is less about causing butterflies and more about how the timing of love can be imperfect, but people can make time if they can and want to.

Divertimento (2020): Movie Review and Summary

Kellan Lutz and Torrey DeVitto star in “Divertimento,” a twisty tale about how the games we play can turn deadly. Keyvan Sheikhailshai’s short film has plenty of intrigue and flair to be a full-length film.