My Old Ass (2024) Movie Review

Megan Park delivers another coming-of-age story, but this one focuses on a young woman meeting herself in the future and questioning the sexuality she thought she was firm in.

Eileen (2023) – Review and Summary

At the minimum, “Eileen” delivers entertaining performances worth the ticket price, and at max, you will witness at least one performance worthy of a major accolade.

This Place (2023) – Review and Summary

Addressing both characters’ individual cultures and how sometimes the personal clashes with the timing of something romantic, “This Place” is less about causing butterflies and more about how the timing of love can be imperfect, but people can make time if they can and want to.

The Best of 2021 – Television & Anime

Originally in order of season finales, but now in no particular order, here are many of the best shows whose season or series ended in 2021, or we only got a preview of.