Ryan Gosling reminds you that while “Barbie” was a high point, there is a reason he has been working for three decades.

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Plot Summary

For over 15 years, Colt has been a stuntman, with Miami Vice being one of his first jobs. But with getting injured, his career was put on pause, as did his relationship with Jody. However, Colt is back, baby, and while a bit rusty and finding himself quickly reminded that producers like Gail and actors like Tom Ryder are more painful to deal with than any stunt, he’s ready to work on what will be his ex, Jody’s, first movie.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Gun Violence, Violence Towards Animals, Blood, Torture, Notable Fight Scenes
  • Sexual Content: Nothing beyond makeout sessions
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking, Drug Use

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. There is a mid-credit scene that needs to be watched to get the entire story.

Characters and Cast Members

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Colt Ryan Gosling
Jody Emily Blunt
Gail Hannah Waddingham
Tom Ryder Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Character Description(s)


A veteran stuntman and Tom Ryder’s go-to for countless movies, Colt loves the job, loves the thrills, and likely will stay in the industry doing what he does for as long as he can.


When we meet Jody, she is a camera operator, but within less than two years, she is filming a Comic-Con-worthy big-budget sci-fi western romance film, “Metal Storm,” based on her and Colt’s tumultuous relationship – especially after he decided to ghost her.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Oppenheimer.”


Gail, a renowned producer who made Tom Ryder a star, loves making a hit as much as she loves Diet Coke.

Tom Ryder

Tom Ryder is the equivalent of Tom Cruise in Colt’s world.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Bullet Train.”


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

“The Fall Guy” is your quintessential summer blockbuster. Famous names with good track records, a love story, things blowing up, car chases, and villains who are more comical than scary. Now, is that to say this is a classic by any metric? No. However, it’ll make some money at the box office and be a good time.

As for why we say that, check out the breakdown below.

Good If You Like

  • Action movies where things blow up, there are intense fight scenes and a lot of near-death moments
  • Romance movies where there are multiple moments of bad timing or awkwardness, but the lead couple is still cute

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The Action

With being a film about a stuntman, it’s only natural for Colt to show why he has kept a job for 15 years. We see him lit on fire, jump onto, out of, and through cars, and there are so many fight scenes where the wrong move would have him potentially maimed, killed, or shot. Each setup is different, and while “The Fall Guy” may not have anything you’ve never seen before, because it is depicted as a movie within a movie, you get a sense of the preparation involved and don’t experience the level of polish you usually get.

I’ll even note that during the credits, you see the actual stunt people do what you see in the movie, which adds an additional level of appreciation for all you see that gets done.

The Romance

Like with the action, “The Fall Guy” isn’t trying to shake pedestals or even build its own. However, there is no denying that Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt have chemistry and play off each other well. I’d even say the romance, while not the top-level focus of “The Fall Guy,” is never treated as counter-programming so that the film can appeal to all audiences.

They want to make it clear Colt loves Jody, but because his career and life have been so wrapped up in stunt work, he doesn’t know how to be or keep her attracted if there isn’t a level of danger and excitement in their relationship. After all, what is worse to anyone, male, woman, or otherwise, than having a partner who is boring? Which isn’t to push the idea Colt is dull at all, but he does have Gosling’s persona of being the underdog on his way to becoming something. Thus, he pushes the idea that as much as he might be able to take immense pain, Colt is still a softy.

The Story Keeps You Engaged For Two Hours

From Colt and Jody’s awkward reunion after 18 months to Colt’s relationship with Gail and Tom, despite “The Fall Guy” not looking like a movie that should need over 2 hours, it fills up that time well. Mind you, it’s mostly spent on the layered drama Tom has gotten himself into that Colt finds himself investigating. But, because of all the complications that go on with that, while “The Fall Guy” is by no means a mystery, you can appreciate the dynamics of how actors, producers, and others are on set. Especially when trying to protect their elusive star, keep their job, or get career advancement.

On The Fence

Feeling Like We Side Step The Pain

While “The Fall Guy” does push the perspective of a stuntman and the people who don’t necessarily get cinematic glory, just a notable production on their resume, we don’t see much of the toll it takes. Colt can do multiple takes of being set on fire or flung into a rock, and while he may stretch and hold his back, we don’t see any real damage done.

Heck, you don’t see any slowdown despite all Colt goes through in the movie and the assumption he has to at least be in his mid-30s with a formerly broken back. It’s one of those things that, if you tend to over-analyze or want a film based on logic, can bug you, but if you are here for a good time, you’ll appreciate them sidestepping Colt’s pain, for that would have slowed things down.

Plus, this isn’t a drama, so diving deep into the gashes, bruises, dislocations, and more could be seen as unnecessary. Never mind seriously taking on the politics of what it means to be a stuntman vs. Gail jokingly making it seem people like Colt are easily replaceable.

Background Information

Film Length 2 Hours 6 Minutes
Date Released May 3, 2024
Where To Watch In Theaters
Director(s) David Leitch
Writer(s) Drew Pearce
Based On Work By Glen A. Larson
Genre(s) ActionComedyRomanceThriller
Content Rating Rated PG-13


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