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With more than meets the eye, “She Never Died” moves beyond the violence as it pursues a redemption story.

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With more than meets the eye, “She Never Died” moves beyond the violence as it pursues a redemption story.

Director(s) Audrey Cummings
Screenplay By Jason Krawczyk
Date Released (Digital – Canada) 4/14/2020
Genre(s) Action, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Religious
Duration 1 Hour, 29 Minutes
Rating Not Rated
Noted Cast
Lacey Oluniké Adeliyi
Detective Godfrey Peter MacNeill
Suzzie Kiana Madeira
Meredith Michelle Nolden
Terrance Noah Danby

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

Lacey, someone with strange healing powers, is a strange homeless heroine of sorts. One that, after being discovered by Detective Godfrey, assists in a case he is working on, which deals with human trafficking. But, as Lacey gets closer and closer to her target, a young woman named Suzzie gets involved and nearly discovers Lacey’s truth.

On The Fence

It Has The Potential To Have A Deeper Meaning

Lacey (Olunkié Adeliyi) as she stares off into the distance.
Lacey (Olunkié Adeliyi)

The reveal, in regards to who or what Lacey is, sets up a much larger conversation and completely complicates Lacey beyond the little we knew. It pushes you to take into consideration who and what she fights for, who is the figure she sees, and the idea of her person having the appearance of a Black woman. With that, you are pushed to wonder if you may have missed something and if, despite how violent and simple the film came off, maybe there was more to it? If not, perhaps, it just slipped in something which could stir intrigue towards the end?

Meredith and Terrance

The human traffickers, brother/ sister duo Meredith and Terrance, are throwaway villains, but what they do does create potentially comical scenes. Especially when they, or their subordinates, aren’t trying to maim or kill someone but are having conversations. In watching this, you are led to wonder if the scenes are supposed to be funny or if, between the acting and writing, it is accidental? For while welcomed, either way, I wouldn’t say it helps the film nor hurts it. All it does is add another thing to feel iffy about.


Would Watch Again? – One and Done

Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

While we enjoyed “She Never Died,” and could see it end up on Netflix whenever it is released in the US, the reveal that makes this movie seem deeper than it might be, comes too late. Also, really thinking about it, not much is done to build up to that reveal to make it a true jaw-dropper. Rather, the reveal sets up a sequel rather than makes this a standalone project worth noting. Hence the mixed label.

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She Never Died Ending Spoilers

Lacey is Lilith – the biblical figure. Now, one could say she isn’t, since Lacey has two scars where there should be wings, and Lilith wasn’t an angel. However, all signs point to Lacey being the biblical figure and her possible son being someone who will bring on the apocalypse.

Oh, and as for the humans of the film? Well, Lilith kills Meredith and Terrance, and as for Suzzie and Godfrey? Well, Suzzie gets a waitress job, since after the life she has had, what else can she do? And Godfrey decides, after being “forced retired” to go spend time with his daughter.

Sequel Potential

Considering Lilith speaks to someone, be it God, Adam, who knows, about seeing her son, there is a sequel built-in. It’s just, I can’t imagine it happening unless this gets a notable cult audience clamoring for it.

Meredith and Terrance - 73%
It Has The Potential To Have A Deeper Meaning - 75%


"She Never Died," as it sets up a sequel, forgets about the film which would precede it and wastes its potential.

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